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Definitely one of the best courses i have taken online. instructor makes it easy to understand by explaining every detail of the content. the course is done at your own pace, giving you time to take small braakes if needed, and able to have time throughout the day for daily life activities. Definitely recoment to take this course.

Ever Gamboa Garcia
Technician , Molen Services Inc.

The course was well structured and comprehensive; it tackles energy storage systems from different angles: science, applications, and most importantly the codes the pertain to ESS.

Zeina Abbas

I recommend Sean's course to anyone in the solar/energy storage field. Whether you are new or a season vet, this course will help you understand solar and energy storage at a deeper level.

Jeremy Snead
Project Manager, Lead Installer, 1 Source Solar

Looked for a class that gave me the necessary knowledge and a good guide to study. The practice exam and explanations are a great learning tool!

Jhoan Hernandez

Sean White and Bill Brooks explain things well and are very reponsive to to questions during the course. Very recommended course to take.

Ted Monhollon

Sean White is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend his courses.

Theothoros Giannakouros

This is the best course for solar that you can get. I started last year as a laborer, worked my way as a technician and now I am a field manager due to this course. I use the information every day on our job sites, I feel confident with what I know and the results show in our arrays.

Chris Young
Solar Installer, Peninsula Solar

I always go to Heatspring for renewable education. These guys know it better than anyone!

David Garganese
Owner, Response Electrical Services

I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to get a flavor for how far things have come, as well as how far they will go. Very applicable to real life, and will be used regularly!

Andrew Holmstrom
C&I Solar Energy, Arch Solar

This course is full of useful information, sure to increase your working knowledge of PV systems and their installation. Sean's approach helps to retain dense material with humor and in depth explanations. I'm thankful that this is the path I took towards my NABCEP PVIP certification.

Carey Walter
CEO, Earthbound Electric LLC

The instructor has a way to keep you awake and makes a complicated topic interesting.

Travis White
Accounts Manager , PowerSecure Inc.

This course really helped guide me in my studies and provided a lot of new information. I am very eager to take the exam now.

Jonathan Golebiewski

I have taken a number of Sean White's courses, and they have all been excellent. He is able to break down the complexities of the subject matter into terms that are easy to comprehend. Great Trainer!

Chris Connelly
Owner/President, Solar Bear Energy

This course provide me the CEU's necessary to maintain my NABCEP credentials. One of the reasons I selected this course was to gain additional industry knowledge. I was pleased with time spent and the purchase value which far exceeds other education platforms I have experienced that resulted in more of a check the box type of CEU's with little educational value. Thanks for a well written course.

Ed Zinthefer
President, Arch Electric Inc

The video course was made very well, with plenty of practice exam questions and good explanations of the material

Ron Smith
Owner, Mesa Solar LLC

A spoonful of Sean White helps the NEC go down.

Trang Donovan
Owner, Energy Shepherds

I've taken a lot of online classes, and this course is the best I've ever taken. Sean really takes the time to thoroughly explain course material and is very responsive on the discussion board. I have no doubts that I will pass the PVIP exam on my first attempt. Thanks Sean!

Michael Yaple
Site Supervisor, Onsite Solar LLC

If you want to level up in the solar industry, there is no better way to do it than to become a NABCEP PVIP. If you want to study for the PVIP exam, there is no place better to do that than HeatSpring.

Adam Pounds
Project Manager, King Solar Inc

Sean and Bill are excellent resources for PV professionals of all levels of expertise.

Ronald Bayes
Cofounder and Director of Business Development, Sunblaze Energy
Shannon R
Pastor M

this is a great class and an effective way to learn about solar. thank you Sean and HeatSpring.

Ryan Warren
Founder, QstN

Great course with a lot of technical information that has expanded my knowledge and abilities in the solar industry.

Matthew Oliver
General Superintendent, Evergreen Innovation Group

Great Company!

John Brown

Whether you have been involved in ESS or are new to the industry this is a great primer to get someone familiar with the technologies and regulations they may encounter.

Scott Wood

I've learned a ton of core knowledge from this course. Personally, the handbook 'Solar PV Engineering and Installation' by Sean White is an absolute must for walking through this course with it in hand.

Josiah Parker

Comparing my knowledge prior to taking this course to after completion, I feel I have gained much and am in a much better position to take the PVIP exam.

Jeffrey Ellis
Director of Operations, New Homes East Region, Sunnova Energy

I am so glad I dedicated the time and expenses for this course. I struggled with the best way to study for the NABCEP and I feel this really keeps one on track and focused. Great course, great instructor and great material!

Garret Little
Project Manager, Sunbridge Solar


Ali Garcia
CFO, American Dream Solar
Sean M

As a 15-year veteran of the residential solar business, this course was valuable to me for clarifying and reinforcing the "Why" and "How" behind all the "What" I've learned to do over the years. Never too late to learn more, and I'm looking forward to taking (and passing!) the PVIP exam and adding the NABCEP cert to my name and my business. Get started in solar on the right foot with the right knowledge, or build on what you know and move to the next step of expertise and value. More solar, yes, and especially MORE SOLAR DONE RIGHT.

Ben Swanson

A great course second to none. It seems long but there is so much to get through. A must for PV installers

Vernon Williams

Sean's PVIP course was crucial in preparing for the exam. Despite how complicated the material and process of the exam is, Sean does an excellent job of breaking down all the different sections and making the entire process clear and understandable. His responsiveness to discussion board posts also allowed any confusion or questions to be quickly resolved.

Ryan Hunt
Technical Engineer, Safari Energy

This was a great course and I will be taking more of Sean's classes very consistently as I move through the industry.

Robert David Dwyer
Patrick A

very funny guy, the course is long and technical but Shawn was able to handle it and make it a bit fun.

Ricardo Mugica Lara

I highly recommend this course to get an introduction into energy storage for those who are trying to obtain more knowledge or join this industry.

Jason Raybin

As a licensed master electrician. I didn't need the NEC over view, Im pretty sure I can thumb my way around the code book.

Robert Itule
COO/Master Electrician, Redrocks Roof And Solar LLC

well this is great help.

gumaro adame

If you are wondering if this course is worth the cost, it is. You will walk away from this with 100% confidence in your knowledge base. I would not have passed my NABCEP pro and inspector without the courses from Sean and Bill

Richard Fry
Co founder, Kuubix Global, LLC

This course is better served to advanced PV students that have some formal education

Howard Aschoff

The Heatspring Solar PV 40-hour Advanced Certification Training was a crucial resource for leveling up my knowledge in the quickly developing solar industry. I am far more confident in my work as a solar operations lead, and can apply it in many different areas throughout the industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is taking their training seriously and wants to pursue a career in solar.

Michael Spaniol
Renewable Energy Officer, Energy Advantage Roof & Solar

I found this course as well as previous heatspring courses useful in obtaining and maintaining my NABCEP certification.

Jack Ailey
Co-president, Ailey Solar Electric

This online course is the best of both worlds. The videos allow you to work at your own pace, but the instructor is always able to be reached and is very eager to answer questions or just talk solar.

Alec Schweitzer

Great course, great instructors, up to date materials, and enjoyable.

John Amundson
Commercial Solutions Manager, All Energy Solar

I would have no chance of passing this exam without this course. The practice exams and explanations are great ways to make sure I'm accurately applying the information I'm learning. I passed the first practice exam I took, which really reduced my fear and stress surrounding the exam. Super grateful for the information I learned!

Emily Sigmund
Solar Designer, StraightUp Solar

I won't know how effective the course is until I take the exam.

Peter Keller
Field Supervisor, Renewable Energy Systems

This course is not only good for getting the NABCEP PVIP. It also prepares you to pass electrical exams for Master, or Journeyman. I highly recommend this course.

Lester Gray
Owner, Tron Solar

Sean White was an extraordinary instructor with a wealth of knowledge and an ability to illustrate his knowledge in a way that is understandable and not over the head of the average student,

Jason Hawksworth

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