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by Jay Richardson Jr., Owner, Jiles Solar, LLC 07/24/2018

This course has helped me on my journey through the NEC. Dr. White is always available to answer questions through his discussion board. Solid class. I'll be recommending it to all of my fellow solar associates.

by Taylor Byington, Co Owner , Lime Bright Solar 07/12/2018

Great course, I am thankful for all the helpful information.

by Sean Kelly Long, Owner, Cutting Edge Contracting Inc. 06/22/2018

I don't really see any other way that a student should prepare for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam.

by Syed Mujtaba, President, Solora Solar 06/21/2018


by CHRISTOPHER POWELL, PV Design engineer, Global Solar Energy LLc 06/06/2018

This course great

by Archit Patnaik, Assistant Project Manager, Pure Power Engineering, inc 03/30/2018

The course has helped me profusely in understanding many concepts of PV system and NEC codes which had been obfuscating me for months. I like the way Dr. Sean White simplifies difficult NEC codes and make them easy to understand. The fundamentals behind various codes and their application have been explained beautifully throughout the course, which will make the base strong for any engineer who aspires to work in solar industry.

by Justin Hiner, Foreman, Synergy Solar 03/09/2018

This course is awesome, Shawn really knows his stuff. The amount of information is priceless and to learn from someone that as been in the industry as long as he has is a privilege.

by Drew Biddle, Senior Project Manager, Independence Solar 02/19/2018

This course is a great way to expand your PV knowledge and study for the NABCEP exam.

by Kerry Lipp, Solar Installer / Electrician, Lipp Electric & Solar 01/17/2018

Highly recommended. Some of my installer coworkers took a course somewhere else and did not get half of the information that I got here. Very comprehensive and well presented. Sean White knows solar and the NEC.

by Richard Dziadul, Principal, Designer, Former Installer, BSET, Pemberton Renewables 01/15/2018

Sorry I don't have time

by Lucas Titolo, Director of Engineering, Solar Landscape 01/11/2018

This course is incredibly effective and is truly perfect as preparation for the NABCEP Installation Professional Exam. Nothing is left out.

by Tony Fleming, Project Coordinator , Northwest Edison 01/06/2018

If you are planning to take the NABCEP test or even just want to learn the many details of PV systems, you would be hard pressed to find a better instructor than Sean White. The information in this coarse is very well laid out and explained in great detail.

by ryan gittens 12/11/2017

This course really helps fill the knowledge cracks that you might have from learning on the job!

by Jeff Sohn, Senior Manager, Project Development, UGE USA 11/14/2017

This course was really helpful in both understanding the solar industry as a whole, and preparing for material on the NABCEP PV Installation exam. It was instrumental to my passing of the NABCEP. Shaun was highly responsive in answering questions. I highly recommend taking this course to bolster your solar knowledge.

by Edgar Mauricio DurĂ¡n, Chief Technical Officer, Globalem SAS 09/09/2017

Really good course, good teacher, great material!

by Jackson Drury, O&M Analyst, Standard Solar 08/24/2017

I hope to take the NABCEP PV Professional certification soon and I will definitely be depending on what I learned in this class to assist me in passing the exam

by Andrew L 08/05/2017

by Andrew Dobbins, Senior Design Engineer, SepiSolar, Inc. 08/04/2017

This class is a great way to not only teach you how to design code-compliant systems, but how to be organized and truly know the code; you'll know exactly where each topic is covered in the NEC.

by Brandon Bower, Project Manager, Yellowlite 08/04/2017

For an online course, I was super impressed with how much information was presented in a digestible manner. Sean is great at explaining the complex wording of NEC code in an understandable way.

by Court M 08/03/2017

by Chirag Pansuriya, Design Manager, StraightUp Solar 08/02/2017

Can't get better than this! Sean is so helpful and genius instructor.

by Kavi Patel, Engineer, EDF-RE 07/31/2017

Very helpful, feel prepared to take my NABCEP exam

by Eliseo M 07/30/2017

by Kristopher F 07/30/2017

by Margot Dallinga, President, KMD Design 07/30/2017

Sean can make intimidating material accessible to anyone willing to follow his course!

by Baldomero Chaparro, COO, Enertek Del Caribe 07/29/2017

This course has more than I bargained for. Sean is not only a brilliant man, he also has the ability of simplifying and transmitting all the knowledge and experience he has. Even if I wasn't taking the NABCEP test, it already has been a leap forward in my career.

by John C 07/14/2017

by Pablo Bendala, Operations Director, Integrated Solar Operations 07/11/2017

You need time and concentration to attend this course properly. Do not make yourself false expectations about getting easily all the knowledge. You must study more than you think.

by Jose G 07/09/2017

by Brandon S 07/06/2017

by DeShon Langston, Roofer, Facilities management at UVa 07/03/2017

This course was excellent. Sean White makes it comprehensible and fun at the same time. If you're interested in solar, this is a good place to start.

by Rick Laughhunn, Systems Engineer, Sweetwater Energy Services 06/24/2017

Great info presented in a easy way to understand.

by Javier Latre, CTO / Owner, ESAR 06/11/2017

A really good way to prepare yourself for the NABCEP certification exam

by Mario Titolo, Solar Feasibility and Design Engineer, Safari Energy 06/07/2017

I would highly recommend using Heatspring to help you prepare for any NABCEP certification. Very helpful and easy to use.

by Aaron Hicks, Project Manager, Paynecrest Electric 04/25/2017

If you plan on passing the NABCEP exam this course will definitely give you everything you need. The amount of information covered here is incredible and very well explained.

by Lenin Brooks, Technician Engineer (Energy Solution), Jamaica Public Service Ltd. (JPSCo.) 04/20/2017

If anyone decides to take on the NABCEP Exam you cant go wrong with the course.

by Neal McEldowney, Student/ Owner, Limitless Energy LLC 02/22/2017

Sean White is one of the top Solar Pioneers of our lifetime. The fact I could comprehend this material in such an efficient manner blows my mind. Thank you Sean for your professional guidance. I am truly honored!

by Adam S 02/03/2017

by Chris Connelly, Lead installer, Direct Energy Solat 02/03/2017

After installing solar for two years I knew absolutely zero of how they work other than put this here and that there. Now I am educating the electricians and confident I could repair out of the box type problems

by Michael Beverly, Field Superintendent, Sunsmart Technologies 02/02/2017

This course will change my life. I have been in the industry for only a year and this course has much to offer from beginners to experienced installers. With over 1MW of installs in which I have either witnessed as a supervisor or as a Foreman I would say I achieved more knowledge about the details of why we install the way we do from this course. Good luck everyone!

by Stephen Russell, Owner, Roost Solar 02/02/2017

Sean White knows his stuff and explains it in an easy to follow and digest manner.

by Jeff Hughes, Director, McKinstry 01/28/2017

This course was comprehensive, challenging, and truly at your own pace. I have been in the PV industry since 2010, and still got tons of value and new information out of the course. While it was online, Sean does a great job connecting to each student with his responsiveness and availability. I would highly recommend the course for those looking to shore up their technical PV and NEC code knowledge.

by Sean White, 2014 IREC Trainer of the Year, HeatSpring / White House Energy Inc. / Sean ... 01/04/2017


by Alex Glover, VP Sales, GHES Solar 10/23/2016

Dr. White was wonderful

by Bryan D 08/28/2016

by Nate Roumanis, Owner, Sunrise Solar Consulting LLC 08/18/2016

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their overall technical PV knowledge base.

by Stephen Rogers, CEO, Energy Venture Management, Inc. 08/05/2016

I would highly recommend any person inclined to so much as mention the topic of solar, take this course prior to doing so.

by Michael Walker, VP of Operations, Precision Renewables LLC 08/02/2016

Mr. White killed it on this course! His delivery and organization of the topics kept me engaged and I left the class feeling well prepared for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional exam!

by Chad S 08/02/2016

by Maria Ming, Project Manager, IEPC 06/01/2016

Excellent course and the questions with the detailed answer to help you fully understand the material.

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