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RoofPoint Energy and Carbon Calculator

New Energy Calculator for Roofing

In an effort to assist roofing professionals interested in measuring the energy and environmental benefits of modern roof system technologies, Dr. Jim Hoff, HeatSpring’s instructor for Roofing Boot Camp, has developed a new modeling tool based on the energy-related credits of the RoofPoint rating system. This new tool – the RoofPoint Energy and Carbon Calculator – allows roofing professionals to estimate the total energy savings available using a variety of roof-related energy strategies, including:

The calculator is suitable for use in all North American climate zones and tailors the output for the actual climate location of the roofing project. In addition to calculating energy savings, the RoofPoint Energy and Carbon Calculator also translates these energy savings into a carbon footprint of the roof.

About the Author

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Jim Hoff
President, TEGNOS Research, Inc.

Jim Hoff is an experienced executive and researcher in the building materials industry, retiring as vice president of technology for Firestone Building Products in 2007 after 23 years of service. Dr. Hoff currently serves as Vice President, Research for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing in Washington, DC and as President of TEGNOS Research, Inc. a...[more]

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This tool is used in HeatSpring's Commercial Roofing Boot Camp course.

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