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Multi-Tier Project Check List - Tier I

This spreadsheet is an example of a simple project check list of ownership and responsibilities.

It defines the tasks assigned to each contractor including the Design Engineer, Tier 1 FMSI, Tier 2 BAS Contractor, Tier 3 Equipment Supplier, and Tier 4 Electrical (or other) Contractor. This example indicates that the Tier 1 FMSI Contractor carries the prime responsibility for ensure the BAS and BMS system is installed and commissioned. Note the coordination requirements for the Design Engineer (consulting engineer) and the FMSI. Also, there is coordination between the FMSI contractor and the site IT department for BAS to IP networking connectivity.


There are various options to customize this spreadsheet for any project such as where the Tier 2 BAS contractor is the prime and only one or a few buildings will be connected to a BMS. In this case the Tier 2 contractor may also handle some or all of the Tier 1 responsibility.


Alternately, the Tier 1 contractor might be handled by the site IT team or the facilities department of the owner. Careful consideration should be taken to ensure proper check and balance between hired contractor responsibilities and the owner.

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