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by Charles Edwards, Project Engineer, LuK USA LLC 04/14/2016

I enjoyed the course very much, I have been doing BAS for about 3 years now, and I learned a great deal from this course. I encourage anyone who is in the building automation industry to take this course..

by Greg Sydlowski, Project Manager, M&E Engineers, Inc 02/26/2016

No thanks.

by Glenn Brady, Project Manager, P.E., Sun-Air Sheet Metal 12/27/2015

The course content was focused, concise and relevant... [It] gave me a good refresher/update into the current state of Building Automation Systems technology.

by Peter V 02/08/2022

by Ronald W 11/28/2021

by Brendan Z 12/04/2017

by Sam A 04/20/2016

by Mark E 04/11/2016

by John C 04/11/2016

by Evalita P 04/10/2016

by Jose G 04/08/2016

by Tom B 03/24/2016

by Michael D 01/31/2016

by Christopher R 12/29/2015

by Justin M 12/17/2015

by Henn R 12/17/2015

by Michael L 12/09/2015

by William B 12/04/2015