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Sample HVAC Wall Units Points List Profile #85.40

This tool helps identify the specific requirements of building equipment and provides the vendor, integrator and designer with a template to use as part of a project specification.

This template identifies all of the required and optional network data variables, their types, and how each "point" is to be integrated into the BMS front end.


Building automation systems require extensive documentation to ensure all parties understand the requirements of each piece of equipment for the project. It is not enough just to create a sequence of operation and an equipment drawing. The integrator requires information on connectivity, communication, data objects, and how the equipment is to be integrated into the Building Management System front end.


By following a common profile model time and costs are reduced when designing and integrating equipment into a project. This example shows a completed points list of an HVAC Wall Unit and includes all of the points, integration notes, and design details.


Once the table is completed, the vendor has a good idea of what size (number of IO points) and type of controller will be needed for the equipment. This also provides some basic guidance on cost estimation for a project.

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