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8 Key Considerations for Electrical Design of Motors

In this free download, Ken Lovorn, President and Chief Engineer at Lovorn Engineering, outlines eight important considerations for the design of motor branch circuits.


Designing electrical systems for motors is far more complex than just multiplying the ampacity of the motor by a Code factor. In addition to carefully researching the National Electrical Code, engineers must consider multiple factors during the design of motor branch circuits. Paying attention to these factors can result in significant savings for designers by enabling selected components to be sized smaller than the traditional sizes.

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Ken Lovorn, P.E.
President, Lovorn Engineering Associates

Ken has forty-five years of progressive design and engineering management experience with architect-engineers and consulting engineers designing electrical systems. As President of Lovorn Engineering Associates (LEA), Ken emphasizes the thorough evaluation of alternative design approaches and how to achieve equivalent compliance with the applicable Codes and...[more]

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