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About this course

Almost two million lessons have been completed on the HeatSpring platform. So what have we observed about how people learn? We could tell you a lot of stories about people, companies, and outcomes - but what does the data say about how people learn clean energy skills?

We hired Brick Maier - formerly with Amazon & Microsoft - to spend a few months on campus as a "Researcher-in-Residence". We gave him access to all of our student performance data, including detailed video metrics. This course presents a series of recommendations for students, instructors, and teams using HeatSpring for employee learning.

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Course outline

4 modules • 16 assignments • 35 minutes of video lectures

Module 1 • 4 assignments
Introduction to HeatSpring's "Researcher-in-Residence" Project

We hired Brick Maier to spend a few months ‘on campus’ as a visiting researcher. We gave him access to all of our (anonymized) student performance data, including detailed video metrics. This module provides an introduction to Brick, why we hired him, and what he's going to do.

  • Why did we hire a "Researcher-in-Residence"? (03:10 minutes)
  • Meet Brick Maier, HeatSpring's "Researcher-in-Residence" (01:16 minutes)
  • What lessons can we learn from Amazon's data-driven approach to training? (02:50 minutes)
  • Why does this matter? What are we hoping to accomplish by using our data in this way? (02:40 minutes)
Module 2 • 2 assignments
Best Practices Learning Clean Energy Skills

In this module we examine three years of Heatspring data from 2021 to 2023, and over 26k students and 50k enrollments, to see trends in course content, emergent learning patterns and what habits lead to building understanding.

  • Video Summary: What the data says about taking clean energy courses on HeatSpring (03:00 minutes)
  • White Paper: What the data says about taking clean energy courses on HeatSpring (.pdf)
Module 3 • 4 assignments
Best Practices Teaching Clean Energy Skills

This module is comprised of an 8 page white paper that dives into the data of effective courses. We analyzed data and patterns related to course structure and engagement on Heatspring to provide recommendations on the optimal number of course assignments, ideal video length and to maximize assessments.

  • Video Summary: What the data says about building great courses (05:26 minutes)
  • White Paper: Using data to build more engaging courses (.pdf)
  • AI demo 1: Use RAG for Quiz creation (02:31 minutes)
  • AI demo 2: Use an AI voice for narration (04:14 minutes)
Module 4 • 4 assignments
Heatspring Teams and Learning and Development

This module examines how companies are using Heatspring's Teams product to upskill employees, analyzing popular courses, completion rates compared to general Heatspring learners, and profiling three companies integrating Heatspring into their learning and development programs. It finds Teams enables targeted skills training aligned with industry credentials. The article concludes with tips for companies to maximize the value of Heatspring Teams for their strategic workforce development needs.

  • Video Summary: How companies are using Teams to build a skilled workforce (02:05 minutes)
  • White Paper: How companies are integrating Teams into Learning and Development (.pdf)
  • Engagement Recommendations: Getting the most out of Teams (04:27 minutes)
  • Overall Tips: Integrating Teams into Organizations (03:49 minutes)


  • Brick Maier

    Director of Enterprise Learning & Development, HeatSpring
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    I currently work on delivering tailored learning experiences that help partner teams solve problems faster. In a fast paced high change environment, training needs to be accurate, modular, and adaptable. I am developing programs that leverage the collective expertise of the crowd to vet and scale content to help teams apply what they learned in their role. I believe... Learn more

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