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Unvented Roofs without Spray Foam: The Rest of the Story


Instructor: Kohta Ueno

Subjects: Green Building: Building Science, Green Building: Sustainable Building, Green Building: Insulation, Green Building: Ventilation IAQ

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This course was originally presented at BuildingEnergy Boston 2020, a conference presented by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)

Back in 2016, our team started a multiyear experiment, sponsored by Building America, on unvented roofs without spray foam or exterior rigid insulation, using an instrumented test hut with multiple test bays. The experiment examined cellulose vs. fiberglass insulation, interior vapor control membranes, diffusion vents at the ridge, interior humidification, inward vapor drive issues, and the effect of air barrier imperfections. Some preliminary results were presented at BuildingEnergy Boston in early 2018. After three winters of experimentation, this is the rest of the story. We will give our take on what works, what is too risky, and what you might be able to get away with some of the time.

Learning Objectives

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Kohta Ueno

Building Science Corporation, Senior Associate

Kohta Ueno is a senior associate at Building Science Corporation, a building science consulting and architecture firm with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Waterloo, Ontario. His responsibilities at Building Science Corporation include forensic field investigations, energy and hygrothermal modeling, building science research, and field testing. His undergraduate...[more]

Course Outline

Unvented Roofs without Spray Foam: The Rest of the Story

  • Unvented Roofs without Spray Foam: The Rest of the Story (Video - 01:02:57 hours)
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