Understanding Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) - Self Study


Author: Sam Rust

Subjects: Solar: Energy Finance

Length: 2 modules

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If you are in solar and work on the east coast or midwest then chances are that you've heard about Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), but you may have some questions about what your options are for utilizing this complex incentive.

Each SREC market has it's own set of complex, often confusing rules, with unclear guidelines. This free online course presented by SRECTrade will explain the main mechanisms behind SRECs and how SRECs can be used to go solar.

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-Understanding SRECs
-SREC market summary
-SREC market design
-The economics of SRECs

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Sam Rust

Sam has several years of experience in the construction and solar trades. His primary focus at SRECTrade is the development of SRECTrade’s installer focused services. Prior to SRECTrade, Sam worked as the Product Research and Procurement Manager for Astrum Solar, a leading east coast residential and small commercial solar integrator. At Tishman Construction Corporation...[more]

Course Outline

Understanding SRECs

Section 1 will provide a comprehensive understanding of the different Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) policies in the SREC market states (Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC) how they are generated, what you need to know about applying for SRECs, how the prices are determined, and what you need to know about SRECs to communicate their value to customers.

  • Understanding SRECs (Video)
  • Download & Read: "SREC Market Summary" (PDF) (Download .pdf)
  • Download & Read: "SREC Market Design" (PDF) (Download .pdf)
  • PDF copy of the presentation (Download .pdf)
The Economics of SRECs

Section 2 will provide you an understand of how SRECs contribute to the economics of a solar project, the current market for long term contracts, and the choices you have for determining where and how to sell your SRECs.

  • The Economics of SRECs (36 minutes) (Video)
  • PDF copy of the presentation (Download .pdf)