The Kroska Case Study: Solar PV Systems with Storage - Self Study


Author: Christopher LaForge

Subjects: Solar: Design and Installation, Solar: Batteries and Storage

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This case study presents the Kroska Residential PV installation Seminar that blends two PV system designs (battery free and battery back-up) and accommodates two roof planes and types. The design provides for great cost-effectiveness and high aesthetic quality.

Learning Objectives:

After watching this lecture, students will be able to:
- Define photovoltaic blended designs
- Understand how to create one array on two roof-planes and types
- Identify the differences between designs with and without storage
- Describe and identify the components of both systems
- Illustrate the benefit of blended systems

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Christopher LaForge

Certified Master Trainer (IREC), Great Northern Solar

Christopher LaForge is the CEO of Great Northern Solar and a NABCEP certified photovoltaic installer-emeritus. He has been designing, specifying, and installing systems since 1988. He has been an instructor with the MREA since 1993 teaching Advanced Photovoltaic design and installation and is an ISPQ Affiliated Master Trainer. In 2016 he was named IREC's Master Trainer...[more]

Course Outline

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  • The Kroska Case Study: Solar PV Systems with Storage (17 minutes) (Video - 17:46 minutes)

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