About this course

Solving refrigerant emissions is ranked the single biggest solution to reverse global warming. This is a free introduction to refrigerant management strategies and alternative refrigerants - the playbook for deploying heat pumps responsibly, at scale.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn the basics of refrigerants - what they are and how do they work
  • Understand how refrigerants impact global warming and the why they are so important
  • Develop a refrigerant management strategy that adheres to industry best practices
  • Become familiar with alternative refrigerants and why they represent such an important opportunity

Course outline

1 module • 17 assignments • 58 minutes of video lectures

Module 1 • 12 assignments
Hitchhiker's Guide to Refrigerants

  • Presentation Slides - Hitchhiker's Guide to Refrigerants (.pdf)
  • Introduction - Meet Tristam & Chris from Effecterra (02:43 minutes)
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Examples & Solutions (05:30 minutes)
  • Refrigerants are the "Ugly Duckling" of climate solutions (04:02 minutes)
  • What are Refrigerants? (04:43 minutes)
  • Refrigerants timeline: From natural to synthetic and back to natural (hopefully soon) (06:28 minutes)
  • Why Refrigerants are such a huge Opportunity (and such a huge Risk) (04:51 minutes)
  • How Refrigerant Emissions are Calculated (03:29 minutes)
  • A Two-Part Solution: Refrigerant Management & Natural Refrigerants (08:19 minutes)
  • Framework for Good Refrigerant Management (02:31 minutes)
  • Mega-Trend: Electrification (06:22 minutes)
  • Summary & Key Takeaways (02:09 minutes)


  • Chris Vallis

    Co-Founder & CSO, Effecterra
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    Creative & engineering mindset, intent on focusing collective finite resources of time & money, to rapidly scale actual solutions and promising ideas, to achieve net zero and circularity at the intersection of ClimateTech, PropTech (both software & hardware), through better, new, and unexpected innovations. Experience spans a varied 20 year career focused on the built... Learn more

  • Tristam Coffin

    Co-Founder & President, Effecterra
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    I have spent over 15 years pursuing sustainable solutions and business practices across multiple disciplines including transportation, packaging, supply chain, green building and corporate sustainability practices. Prior to offering my skills and passion to others via êffecterra, I spent the majority of my career leading sustainability initiatives for multinational... Learn more

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