Chris Vallis

Co-Founder & CSO, Effecterra
1 course
22 students


Creative & engineering mindset, intent on focusing collective finite resources of time & money, to rapidly scale actual solutions and promising ideas, to achieve net zero and circularity at the intersection of ClimateTech, PropTech (both software & hardware), through better, new, and unexpected innovations.

Experience spans a varied 20 year career focused on the built world/real estate (commercial, corporate & industrial) covering R&D, innovation strategy, due diligence, value proposition to business case, stakeholder engagement, data storytelling & visualisation, procurement, and implementation.

Converging disciplines of engineering, technology & sustainability for owner/operators, service providers, investors, non-profit organisations and policy makers, across a diverse set of enterprises and organisations including food-retail, big-tech, Fortune 10 corporates, VCs, cities and government.

Founder experience in mission-led Start-up & Scale-up businesses, combining good business principles, calibrating Purpose, Mission & Vision, branding & positioning, value proposition, and short & long term strategy for growth and impact.

Course subjects

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