Sustainable Roofing? There's an APP for That! - Self Study


Author: Jim Hoff

Subjects: Green Building: Green Roofing

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It would be great to be able to sell the latest energy and environmental features of modern commercial roofing systems, but it can be a challenge to find tools that help you quantify the benefits for your clients and customers. How much energy will the roof save – or produce? What’s the best investment in terms of service life and ROI? How will a new roof contribute to important environmental issues like urban heat islands, storm water run-off, material recycling, and many more?

The good news is nearly one dozen roofing-related calculators are available online at no charge to help you tackle these questions. In this free lecture, Dr. Jim Hoff will review each of these calculator apps and show you how to use them.

Learning Takeaways

  1. Be able to identify the best sustainable roofing apps available today, including tools to estimate the savings from:
    • Increasing roof insulation levels and practices o Installing cool roofing systems
    • Installing rooftop solar systems
    • Installing roof daylighting
    • Reducing environmental impacts
    • Optimizing life cycle costs
  2. Be able to access each of these apps AT NO CHARGE
  3. Obtain the basic information you need to start using these apps in your business

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Jim Hoff

President, TEGNOS Research, Inc.

Jim Hoff is an experienced executive and researcher in the building materials industry, retiring as vice president of technology for Firestone Building Products in 2007 after 23 years of service. Dr. Hoff currently serves as Vice President, Research for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing in Washington, DC and as President of TEGNOS Research, Inc. a...[more]

Course Outline

Video Lecture

In this module you'll watch Jim Hoff's free lecture where he reviews roofing-related calculators available online at no-charge and how to use them.

  • Lecture Video (22 minutes) (Video)
  • Lecture Slides (PDF) (Download .pdf)