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by Ahmad Williams 09/26/2022

I really enjoy this course everything was good and brief I really enjoyed learning about the PV designs thank you for that

by BreNaia Johnson Roberson 09/26/2022

The course is very informing so make sure you listen up for close details, teaches us new vocabulary and breaks down how things should be done.

by Fariborz Mahjouri 09/02/2022

The course covers in a simple way the development of a commercial project and suggests effective communication with the property owner.

by Jackson Drury, O&M Analyst, Standard Solar 08/30/2022

Very informative and helpful for those of us who want to transition to utility scale solar.

by Michael Liwanag, Sunertech, Project Manager 08/21/2022

I shared the course with my engineers and colleagues to take the course for a better understanding of how C&I initiates.

by Ahsan Rasheed 08/21/2022

For me its just great, Thank you


It has changed my entire knowledge about solar module installation positively, am happy

by Osama Tantoor 08/13/2022

Hello, iam working in solar panel installation on motorhomes and caravans, this course is excellent , and it is help to understand how solar energy works and what can we do with this great and free energy. Thank you heatspring.

by Melissa Ibarra, 08/03/2022

This is a great reference video to review and learn at a fast pace where you can't lose focus.

by GARY ARAUJO 07/04/2022

Very interesting the contribution of solar energy systems in the electrical distribution networks

by Alijah Allen 06/27/2022

Here's a simple, repeatable, time-tested process for gathering client testimonials you can use on your website and other marketing material.

by Shirley Powers 06/21/2022

Great course. I'd recommend this to anyone working with utilities requiring smart inverter configuration and it also helps explain why certain PV installations, even at smaller than utility scale, require upgrades to the utility.

by Demar King 06/17/2022

I really appreciated the presentation

by Scott Sousa, Sunation Solar Systems Inc. 06/08/2022

I would highly recommend this to DG developers who do not understand the utilities pushback.

by David Lamb 05/21/2022

Fantastic preview and expedited intro to the past, present and future of the Solar industry! I took this course as a refresher, for my continuing education credits, and this course exceeded any and all expectations!! Looking forward to future courses with Instructor Sean White. Thanks, DL !!

by Evan Franklin 04/18/2022

i loved the program now i will get to use these skills when i am building my house.

by Leo M 04/17/2022

by Nathan Coggins, Owner, Appalachian Properties 03/26/2022

I’ve been hearing about heatspring since the first PV course I took, I have not been disappointed. Thank you, heatspring

by Jakari Blunt 02/23/2022

The course is a very good powerful and a good site

by Benjamin McBride 02/23/2022

Is good

by Erica Jean-Baptiste, Co-Founder/CEO, WGGP Construction Services, LLC 01/08/2021

A great segway into the world of Solar. This is not new but we have now reached a time and place that the people are speaking out and requesting more green energy solutions introduced in our communities. No time like the present. This is the perfect time to jump into any opportunity to get involved. Heat Springs' learning platform can be introduced at any level to begin the process.

by AbdulWahid A 02/11/2023

by Kelly M 11/14/2022

by Heather H 11/04/2022

by Detlev H 10/22/2022

by Lance L 07/18/2022

by Sean H 06/06/2022

by Ray R 04/12/2022

by ABINASH R 03/30/2022

by Anthony N 03/08/2022

by Damian G 03/08/2022

by keith c 03/08/2022

by Felix A 03/08/2022

by Basilio M 03/08/2022

by Ritshidze R 03/03/2022

by Angel O 03/02/2022

by jaundre w 02/28/2022

by Denzil W 02/25/2022

by Josiah T 02/23/2022

by Jazan A 02/22/2022

by Andre Nitcheu, Project engineer, Matrix Renew 12/04/2023

Tim knows what he is talking about and seems to have a lot of experience.

by Anuhea A 12/01/2023

by Matthew Stroh 11/29/2023

The course is very informative and instructional, gives a lot of information in a short time. The course helps the student understandding the industry much better after completing the course.

by Dan M 11/21/2023

by Marwa Abdelkareem Yagoub 11/18/2023

i really enjoy the course it is informative and very beneficial for the beginners .

by Hassan Kamara 11/15/2023

I realized only after taking this course that I don't know all I thought I knew about Solar PV installations.

by Darren Bishop 11/14/2023

If you are looking to get into solar sales, this is a good starting point...

by Darren Bishop 11/13/2023

If you are looking to start your solar adventure, heat spring is the place to go.

by Parvannah Lee 11/08/2023

I enjoyed this course and I feel more confident in rooftop installations.

by Eric Salamanca, Energy Analyst, Energy and Utilities Department, Turks and Caicos Islan... 11/07/2023

I appreciate this course, as it is very informative especially so that my background is in environment but transitioning to renewable energy. Thank you so much Sir.

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