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by Matthew Stroh 11/29/2023

The course is very informative and instructional, gives a lot of information in a short time. The course helps the student understandding the industry much better after completing the course.

by Chandra Prakash Jain 10/26/2023


by Dayne Goodheart 10/17/2023

This is amazing

by Muhammad Mahad Qasim 09/12/2023


by Muhammad Mahad Qasim 09/12/2023


by Jalloh Ishmael 09/02/2023

It's was a blessing for me to come across such a website,I have learnt a lot from heat spring and it's a source my my continueos improvement at my work place I'm grateful

by Ted Thresh, CS Energy 08/22/2023

This course will help you understand the solar industry more in depth on a small to large scale with a large amount of detail.

by Charley Jordan 08/21/2023

Well worth the time and highly informative.

by Waqqas Numan, Superviser, Ministry of electrcity 08/17/2023

I need more courses like this . That make my mind batter than before

by gabriel sechrist 08/01/2023


by Marisol Gordon 07/12/2023

Good information to go to NABCEP preparation and get certified

by Amjad Kazem 05/31/2023


by Osama Sayed S 05/24/2023

by amjed kazeem 05/22/2023


by Olivia Dame 04/27/2023

I really enjoyed the information in this course!

by Sabah Mahmoud 04/23/2023

It's powerful course

by Thokozani Chili 02/16/2023


by adem islem 02/10/2023

thank for all

by Hussam Fahmi Abdo Mohammed Al-azazi 01/18/2023

Let's go GIS

by Domingo Salcedo, Technician, Solar-Ray, inc. 12/15/2022

I’m so grateful

by Jose Hernandez 10/27/2022

Great course to get the in and outs of renewable energy, very thorough and detailed.

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/02/2022

It was life changing

by Hassan Suliman 09/26/2022

I have learned a lot from this course and the knowledge I have got from it will help me so much in my job

by Dilipkumar Viswanathan 07/23/2022

improved knowledge

by Mohammed Shehada 07/22/2022


by Mattie Hinz 04/21/2022


by Fatima Asad 04/20/2022


by TEJASWINI WAKALE, design engineer- renewables, illumine industries pvt. ltd. 03/14/2022

It's a really good course giving whole information regarding solar energy.

by RACHID EL HACHIMI 03/02/2022

nice course

by Omar Ibrahim, Engineer , Techno sun lb 02/28/2022

I like the kind of explain thank you

by Brian Goldojarb 06/10/2021

A terrific, time valued "deep dive" into the world and marketplace of solar PV. If you put the time in, you will find yourself in a different place at the end. Wiser actually. Glad I did it. I know I'll use the rich collection of tools and links. Treasure.

by Mahmoud Wagdy Ahmed 06/10/2021

good choice

by abdulkareem alkuhlani 05/25/2021

I advise everyone to join the course because it is very useful, and the enrolled will get information that he will not find elsewhere

by Eng. Ammar A. Abu Obaid 05/23/2021

Excellent Courses

by Accounts Payable, pv associate, Jackson Electric 05/06/2021

you will love this course

by Bob Goldsborough 04/24/2021


by Ayomide Isaac Orekunrin, Engr., Inlaks Limited 04/17/2021

It was indeed an eye opener to the available job opportunities and energy that can be harnessed to meet the energy demands of the world.

by Salah Hashoum 03/27/2021

Thanks for all

by sadam alnaghnoughi 03/22/2021

thank you very much and i like this course

by Ricardo Beek 03/16/2021

I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in solar power energy. You can see how good it is for the the current world and how solar power energy is better for the environment.

by eric mallinson 02/07/2021


by Netto Karmel 01/08/2021

Everyone who is interested in renewable energy must go through this course

by Rafael Vera 12/17/2020

course is showing in short words how the solar system is growing

by Alvaro Silva 12/11/2020

Es un curso que vale el tiempo destinado a realizarlo. El valor de la enseñanza no tiene precio y en los actuales momentos, el aprendizaje es fundamente para poder tener acceso a la empleabilidad y seguir avanzando en la capacitación continua. Excelente curso.

by muawiya azzuni 12/05/2020

disapointing course for begginers

by monaem elmnifi 10/16/2020

Thank you so much

by Christopher Jones 10/03/2020

I cant wait to join everyone in the way to becoming a master at what i enjoy as a hobby and make a career out of it.

by Sushovan Hazra 09/09/2020

Very nice

by Kerstin Armamento, VA 08/06/2020

For me, from what I have learned from this course is that we should consult first to accredited companies before we set up the solar panels in our home. And what type of solar panels we should use since there are different silicon to choose.

by YAHYA BOUKADDOUR, onerasystems 07/20/2020

The thing that I recommend to students and everyone who visited the site is brilliance and reflection in all that came in this course to benefit as much as possible from the valuable information in the field of renewable energies

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