Solar Business Masterclass


Length: 8 weeks

Instructor: Keith Cronin

Subjects: Solar: Business Growth, Solar: Marketing and Sales


Here’s what I know about you: you are dedicated to the work you do, and you are dedicated to doing it with excellence.

You probably wish you had more time to do that work, and that you didn’t have to spend so much time scrambling for business.

You probably think if you could just have a bigger profit margin, you’d be able to invest more time in your business, and in the things outside work, that matter the most.

How do I know these things?

Because I have been there. Done that. And conquered those challenges.

Plus, I’ve helped a lot of other people do the same.

For instance….


I invite you to join the Solar Business Masterclass. You’ll learn the specific strategies and tactics we used to grow and scale our business. Selling the business was an accident (more on that in the course).

This course will be for 8 weeks. You’re busy. You need a lot of time to go through the materials. 8 weeks seems about right. You can pace yourself.

You can ask me any questions: Business. Operations. Sales. Marketing. Recruiting. Hiring. Customer Service. Future Trends. Line Extensions. You name it.

What’s in the course? Watch a 4 minute walk through video

In the course we’ve included:

And I will also share how I grew and sold my business with you (if you’d like to know).

We will also have:

I believe in you and want to see you successful. And with that, offer a 720 hour (30-day), money back guarantee. If for any reason, you believe the content wasn’t for you, you’ll receive a full refund.

Commit to the process and you will see the results.

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Free Preview - How to Get More Clients, Team Members And Profits for Your Solar Business
8 Personal Phone Calls With Your New Solar Business Advisor

Keith has been there and he knows what its like. If you take this course, he will be there for you when things go wrong. You will learn Keith's path to solar success, a proven methodology he developed based on his experience building a successful solar business which was acquired by SunEdison. During each of the 8 weeks in this course you'll have the opportunity to have a 15 minute call with Keith to get anything answered privately you want to ask him.

Weekly Conference Calls

One of the best resources in this course is the ability to interact with the expert instructors and your classmates. We'll have weekly conference calls on Fridays each week during the scheduled session dates. The calls will be recorded and posted if you miss them.

International Students Welcome

Keith has taught students from over 20 different countries. This course is about business fundamentals and distilling lessons which apply to any solar business regardless of specific location. Keith is very welcoming to international students and businesses and will tailor one-on-one time to your specific business needs and constraints.

Money Back Guarantee

Keith is offering a 720 hour (30-day), money back guarantee on this course. If for any reason, you believe the content wasn’t for you, you’ll receive a full refund. This course policy is an exception to HeatSpring's refund policy and does not apply to other courses.

Self Paced Online Course

This online course is self-paced. You can begin instantly upon enrollment.

Access Information And Build Your Training Library

After enrolling, the course materials will remain in your account and be accessible 12 months (1 year) after enrollment. Access can be extended beyond 1 year with a monthly membership. Return to your course anytime with online access from anywhere in the world.

Earn A Certificate Of Completion

When you complete this course you are eligible for a certificate of completion from HeatSpring. You can download your certificate as soon as you have completed all of the course requirements. Students can easily share their verified certificates on their LinkedIn profiles using our one-click LinkedIn integration.

I've have the pleasure of knowing Keith for over 20 years. Keith was one of the driving forces for me to switch careers and enter the solar industry. I've utilized his knowledge, suggestions, and advice during my transition. To this day, three years later, I attribute much of my success to Keith.

- Elvin Frost, Senior Solar Advisor at Geoscape Solar

[Keith Cronin] was excellent and clearly drew upon a wealth of experience in the solar industry. I really appreciated [his] level of engagement in the calls and discussions board, and especially review of homework assignments.

- Rob McAtee, Hankins and Anderson


Keith cronin 168r3 2.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1

Keith Cronin

SunHedge LLC

Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his perspective, recruiting, coaching sessions and products. After his company was acquired by SunEdison, he decided to help people and serve others in Hawaii and across the globe. After his tenure with SunEdison, he founded SunHedge. SunHedge assists small...[more]

Free Preview - How to Get More Clients, Team Members And Profits for Your Solar Business

Course Outline

Welcome - Orientation Materials

This course is self-paced, so you don’t need to be logged in at any specific time. You can complete the material whenever is convenient and work ahead or catch up if you fall behind. The course discussion board is a great place to interact with other students and ask questions. Expect to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per week to the course. This session runs for the posted dates and you will receive weekly emails to keep you on pace. Course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months (1 year) after the course ends. Please review the orientation materials and introduce yourself on the discussion board.

  • Introduction to HeatSpring (1 minute) (Video) preview
  • How to Get More Clients, Team Members And Profits for Your Solar Business (Video) preview
  • Welcome to the Solar Business Masterclass - Introduction (Video)
  • How To Make Time For All The Assignments (Video)
  • Set up email notifications and your student profile (Text)
  • Introduce yourself on the discussion board (Text)
  • Time Management - Video 1 (Video)
  • Time Management - Video 2 (Video)
  • Time Management - Video 3 (Video)
  • Time Management - Video 4 (Video)
  • Time Management - PDF (Download .pdf)
Week 1 - Clients, Buyers Journey, Storytelling Journalism

This week will get you focused on thinking about your clients in new ways. As Joseph Campbell coined the phrase - "The Hero's Journey", let's walk through how a buyer goes through the process of interest to decision to work with you. It can be said that everything your client does or doesn't do, revolves around a story (same for you as well). If you want to know what is driving their behavior (and yours), watch this series. From Madison Avenue ad agencies to Hollywood to anthropology, its all here. What does journalism have in common with your business? Everything. Look at how this relates to you and your business.

  • Who Is Your Client (Video)
  • Customer Service (Download .docx)
  • Client Service - Video 1 (Video) preview
  • Client Service - Video 2 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 3 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 4 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 5 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 6 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 7 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 8 (Video)
  • Client Service - Video 9 (Video)
  • The Buyers Journey - Download (Download .pdf)
  • The Buyers Journey - Download # 2 (Download .pdf)
  • The Buyers Journey - Introduction (Video)
  • The Buyers Journey - Video 1 (Video) preview
  • The Buyers Journey - Video 2 (Video)
  • The Buyers Journey - Video 3 (Video)
  • The Buyers Journey - Video 4 (Video)
  • The Buyers Journey - Video 5 (Video)
  • The Buyers Journey - Video 6 (Video)
  • Storytelling - Framework- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Storytelling - Introduction (Video)
  • Storytelling - Video - 1 (Video)
  • Storytelling - Video - 2 (Video)
  • Journalism- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Journalism- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Journalism- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Journalism- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Journalism- Video - 4 (Video)
Week 2 - Copywriting, Google, Testimonials

Copywriting is distilled down to person to person communication. Let's see how this works in things you purchase and why it is so powerful to speak to one person and not everyone. Google are the masters of communication. In all their might, is simplicity. Learn how they talk to you in subtle, yet powerful ways. Testimonials - Why are they important? Today if you have a smart phone, its never been easier. And here's why.

  • Copywriting- Introduction (Video)
  • Copywriting- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Copywriting- Download - Overview (Download .pdf)
  • Copywriting- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Copywriting- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Copywriting- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Copywriting- Video - 4 (Video)
  • Google- Introduction (Video)
  • Google- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Google- Video - 1- WWHN (Video)
  • Testimonials- Introduction (Video) preview
  • Testimonials- Download (Download .docx)
  • Testimonials- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Copywriting Framework- Download # 2 (Download .pdf)
Week 3 - Your Team, Recruiting, Hiring, Ad Writing

As we look at the second pillar of your goals, after your clients, is your team. This section will look at finding the best, leading them and making leaders out of them. How to attract the right person for the role? Often it comes down to what you say and how you say it.

  • Recruiting- Introduction (Video)
  • How To Hire - Download (Download .pdf)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 1 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 2 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 3 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 4 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 5 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 6 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 7 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 8 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 9 (Video)
  • Ad Writing- Video - 1 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 10 (Video)
  • The Hiring Guide- Video - 11 (Video)
  • Ad Writing- Introduction (Video) preview
  • Ad Writing- Download (Download .docx)
  • Ad Writing- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Ad Writing- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Ad Writing- Download # 2 - CAFA (Download .pdf)
Week 4 - Project Management, Service Agreements, Marketing Calendar

Project Management - How do you keep it all together? Simple software that is free (or their paid version is amazing as well). Service Agreements - Having work throughout the year is essential. It is also important to be a resource for your clients as new things come to market to help them with. Let's walk through how these work for you and your business. Marketing Calendar - Often we need to look to other industries to see how we can adapt and integrate their strategies with ours. Take a look at this idea for your business.

  • Project Management - Introduction (Video)
  • Project Management - Software (Video)
  • Service Agreements- Introduction (Video) preview
  • Service Invoice Agreement-Member Protection Plan- Download - Contract (Download .pdf)
  • Safety Inspection Checklist- Download (Download .doc)
  • Safety Inspection Checklist- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Service Invoice Agreement-Member Protection Plan Video - 1 (Video)
  • Marketing Calendar- Introduction (Video)
  • Marketing Calendar- Download (Download .xlsm)
  • Marketing Calendar- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Marketing Calendar- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Safety Checklist- Download # 2 (Download .pdf)
Week 5 - Flat Rate Pricing, Request for Proposals, Customer Acquisition Costs, Sales Strategies

Eat at a restaurant- do they charge by the hour? How about when you buy a refrigerator? Lets show you how you can FRP in your business. Request for Proposals - While you might not do these solicitations, go through this lesson to learn why incorporating the strategies in it, will bolster your own proposals. Customer Acquisition Costs - As the industry has known, this number is excruciatingly high. How can we bring it down? This lesson will offer some insights. Sales Strategies - While every company has different strategies for O&M, here are a few ways to approach it.

  • Flat Rate Pricing- Introduction (Video) preview
  • Flat Rate Pricing- Download (Download .xlsx)
  • Flat Rate Pricing- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Flat Rate Pricing- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Flat Rate Pricing- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Request For Proposals- Introduction (Video)
  • Request For Proposals- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Request For Proposals- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Request For Proposals- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Request For Proposals- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Request For Proposals- Video - 4 (Video)
  • Customer Acquisition Costs- Introduction (Video)
  • Customer Acquisition Costs- Guidelines (Video)
  • Sales Strategies - Overview (Video)
  • O&M Strategies - What should you offer? (Video)
Week 6 - Your Company, Budget Tool

This section of the course is dedicated to your company. Budgeting, to the ScoreCard tool, Service Agreements, Line Extensions, O&M, Self Funding, Customer Acquisition Costs, Exit Strategies and Why I Sold.

  • The Budget Tool - Introduction (Video) preview
  • The Budget Tool - Download (Download .xlsm)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 1 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 2 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 3 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 4 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 5 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 6 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 7 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 8 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 9 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 10 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 11 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 12 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 13 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 14 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 15 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 16 (Video)
  • The Budget Tool - Video - 17 (Video)
Week 7 - The ScoreCard

Want to know the difference between sales and profits? You've come to the right place. This is an extensive excel tool to help you wrap you and your team around performance. It will help you make better team decisions from this day, forward.

  • The ScoreCard- Download (Download .xlsx)
  • The ScoreCard- Introduction (Video) preview
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 1 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 2 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 3 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 4 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 5 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 6 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 7 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 8 (Video)
  • The ScoreCard- Video - 9 (Video)
Week 8 - Line Extensions, Partnerships, Self-funding Your Retirement

Line Extensions - What are they and how you can add them to your offerings. Partnerships - Who to partner with and why? Self-funding Your Retirement - We all know that the world is headed towards self funding our retirements. This is a way to do it.

  • Line Extensions- Introduction (Video) preview
  • Line Extensions - Download (Download .pdf)
  • Line Extensions - Video - 1 (Video)
  • Line Extensions - Video - 2 (Video)
  • Line Extensions - Video - 3 (Video)
  • Line Extensions - Video - 4 (Video)
  • Partnerships- Introduction (Video)
  • Partnerships- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Partnerships- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Partnerships- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Partnerships- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Partnerships- Video - 4 (Video)
  • Self Funding- Introduction (Video)
  • Self Funding- Download (Download .xlsx)
  • Self Funding- Download- PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Self Funding- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Self Funding- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Line Extensions - Download # 2 (Download .pdf)
After The Course - Feedback and Additional Resources

No matter how great this course is, we know it's just one part of a bigger journey. In this module we'll start thinking about what comes next. You'll provide feedback on the course, request a certificate of completion, and learn about additional resources. Don't forget that you'll have access to the course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months (1 year). Feel free to come back as much as you like to continue learning, and please stay in touch. Let us know what you do next and how we can help.

  • Exit Strategy- Introduction (Video)
  • Exit Strategy- Introduction- Part 2 (Video)
  • Exit Strategy- Download (Download .pdf)
  • Exit Strategy- Checklist - Download (Download .pdf)
  • Exit Strategy- Video - 1 (Video)
  • Exit Strategy- Video - 2 (Video)
  • Exit Strategy- Video - 3 (Video)
  • Exit Strategy- Video - 4 (Video)
  • Exit Strategy- Video - 5 (Video)
  • Closing Thoughts (Video)
  • Join the Alumni Network: Add education to your LinkedIn profile in one click (Resource)
  • 1 Year of Access to Course Materials (Text)
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey (Survey)
  • Consider Joining as a Founding Member (Resource)
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate (Certificate)
Free Preview - How to Get More Clients, Team Members And Profits for Your Solar Business

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