Photovoltaic Systems and the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) - Self Study


Author: Sean White

Subjects: Solar: Design and Installation

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Please Note that the NABCEP Certification Exam is based on the 2017 NEC.

This material covers the 2014 NEC which may still be applicable in some states but most states have moved on to adopt either the 2017 or 2020 NEC.

Still, this information may be relevant and valuable if you are planning to sit for a NABCEP Certification exam so we have kept the content available as a self-serve course.

This course does not include any pre-approved NABCEP CEU credits.

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Sean White

2014 IREC Trainer of the Year

Sean White was the 2014 Interstate Renewable Energy Council Trainer of the Year. He is an ISPQ Certified Solar PV Master Trainer and has authored several books on solar. He contributed to the development of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Job Task Analysis and has been a member of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Technical Committee. Sean is a...[more]

Course Outline

2014 NEC Material

Please Note that the NABCEP Certification Exam is based on the 2017 NEC. This material covers the 2014 NEC which may still be applicable in some states. Also related to the NABCEP exam NABCEP may only have 1 question that would have a different answer based on the 2014 vs. 2017 NEC from what I have heard. The 2017 NEC question asked about the Rapid Shutdown array boundary. In the 2017 NEC it is 1 foot and in the 2014 NEC it was not defined as the array boundary, however it was 10 feet. Another thing that could be different is the temperature adder that was in the 2014 NEC for conduit over a rooftop in sunlight has been removed in the 2017 (& 2020) NEC. If you have time and are planning to sit for a NABCEP Certification exam, I would say to study this material, however some students get worried that they are studying the 2014 NEC when preparing for a 2017 NEC exam. I have even seen 2014 NEC questions on the NABCEP Inspector exam that was supposed to be 2017 based.

  • The Exam Room and Lots More National Electric Code (Video - 01:21:51 hours)
  • National Electric Code (Video - 54:35 minutes)
  • The National Electrical Code - Part 1 (Video - 37:54 minutes)
  • The National Electrical Code - Part 2 (Video - 32:12 minutes)
  • The National Electrical Code - Part 3 (Video - 28:18 minutes)
  • The National Electrical Code - Part 4 (Video - 20:06 minutes)
  • The National Electrical Code - Part 5 (Video - 19:50 minutes)
  • Article 690 (Video - 01:21:41 hours)

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