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This training has taught a lot on the basics and concepts of the solar PV and battery energy storage systems which I can be used in my daily job as a solar design engineer

Timothy Cruz
Senior Electrical Engineer, Q Meccanica, Inc.
Eddie F

If you want to get into the solar career world, Sean is the guy to help you do that and his classes on heatspring are amazing.

Alistair Johnson

This class is amazing and really gives you the full experience of the NABCEP and how to get your certification. If you are looking to get NABCEP certified, this is definitely a class you should take! The Heatsprings Team is extremely professional from top to bottom!

Adam Peck

Sean White rocks. I’ve worked with him in the industry for years and his knowledge, humor and easy to understand teaching style really make the process fun. The online HeatSpring platform is definitely the way to go in today’s modern world.

Erik Beeman

I have been in the industry for 3+years. Over the years I have developed many skills but was looking to advance in my career. By taking this course it has given me a more in depth understanding of PV and I now feel confident enough to take the exam and continue to further my career.

John Arellano

Very interesting topic.


I enjoyed the corse.

Luis Vazquez

I'd recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in photovoltaics and seeking NABCEP certification. The course covered all the essentials, and provides a lot of perspective too, both on solar and on how to approach the NABCEP exams. Very helpful!

Ben Luce
Discovery Analyst, Buffalo Solar

Sean is an excellent teacher. He explains the material in a clear, effective, and entertaining way and offers a logical progression of topics to introduce people to the solar industry and the real life issues and decisions that they might face.

Scott Cooper

Sean's a super cool and chill teacher. I'd love to have him as a professor! Very informative!

Joshua Reynolds

This course gave me competency for the pva examn and for working in practice. It was fun and Sean was very responsive.

Cedar Amodeo

No matter how much you think you know about solar, this course is going to be valuable. This course is worth every penny and then some. I will be recommending this course to all my employees and peers.

Desta Rudolph
President & CEO, Independent Energy


Donny Legendre

was fan time

Antonio Valdivia
Produccion Manager, Central Homes Roofing and Solar

I really enjoyed this!

Nicolas Contreras
Drafter , Rising Sun Solar

I would include the necessary reference figures for the questions that need it. How does it not include a photo of the figure the question is referencing? Terrible

Patrick Nagel

really good

yamil brull

WeWantGreenToo is the best veteran/returning citizen based program, that teaches and follows Sean's course in the Solar Industry, we look forward to working with Sean and his organizations on making the world more solar friendly starting in Michigan on the eastside of Detroit.. Though I am interested in more community based opportunities for solar..

Gregory Harris Sr.

I've yet to take the test, but I do feel ready for it. I'm more prepared now than I was prior to this course.

Robert Denson


Dennis Gonzalez

I really recomend this couurse if you decide to make a career in solar. ive been doing solar for a little over a year and working on my way to become a supervisor. so stay dedicade

James Iwamura
Assistant solar installer, Grid alternatives

Excellent course and excellent value. Note that while it's listed as a 16 hour course, that's referring to 16 hours of video time. There is also reading, tests, and studying that are not included in that.

Micah Johnson
Operations Manager, Solar Connection

I feel that anyone involved in PV in the US would benefit greatly by taking this course.

Braden Fritsche

Sean White's PV Boot Camp is an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of photovoltaics. The course material is well-structured and covers everything from the basics of solar energy to advanced system design concepts. With Sean's expert guidance and hands-on training, I was able to gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the solar industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their education in solar energy

Kaleb Brown

I learned so much taking this course, it is a lot of information, but Sean does an excellent job of explaining what, where, and why things are in the PV industry. Whether you are already in the industry or looking to make the jump I can't recommend this course enough. I feel extremely confident about taking the exam after having took this course.

Nicholas Shrader

This course has it all! from safety to sizing with history though out.

Douglas Lacanilao

I joined these IBT classes not knowing a thing in PV know. I have learned a lot this past couple of weeks.

Victor Bernal

practice exams were amazing -- you can tell Sean is one of the people who helped create this test.

Alex Faiks
BrightStreet Solar

I can't imagine there is a more qualified instructor who is equally able to relay information is such a retainable as Sean White. Access or review any course material anytime anywhere. Save time researching available PVA courses across the US and run with Sean's.

Justiniano Campa

My name is David Leonce, I am extremely pleased with the level of training material used to expand my knowledge in the Solar PV industry. I strongly believe that this training will be valuable to me now and in the future. I hereby want to thank Sean and his team for putting together this excellent training for the installers in the solar PV industry.

David Leonce

Very informative course. I know so much more than before I started this course.

Keith Foster
Electrician, Laplante Electric

Excellent content and fun videos that create a great learning experience .

Melissa Levick
SR Sales Enablement Trainer, Aurora Solar


mugundan L

Great course that has helped me advance my knowledge of the solar industry quickly. Highly recommend as preparation for the NABCEB.

Mark Heiliger

Great intro to PV have already used information from this class during meetings and projects at work as a Solar land entitlement project manager.

Andrew Smiley
Project Manager, Energy Development Partner LLC

Course is well presented and extremely thorough.

Robert Spermo


Anderson Deleon

I took this course a total beginner at solar technology. This course helps me a lot to understand the technology on a smoothest way and enjoy it the same time.

Aldo Reighn Barzaga
Technical Account Manager, Raicoon Philippines



This course is really valuable, if you are going to start journey in solar industry.

ANANT Adhvaryu
Student, Northeastern University

Sean White is a great teacher and did a wonderful job explaining the course material. Sean takes the time to respond to comments/questions every day. He truly takes the time to help his students, even though it is virtual. The practice exams and quizzes were also great.

Quinn Keenan
Energy Efficiency Engineer, ICAST

I would recommend Sean White to anyone who wants to go into the solar industry and energy storage systems. Simply fantastic!

Shaibu Ibrahim
Electrical Engineer III, Pure Power Engineering, Inc

I really enjoyed Sean's Solar PV Bootcamp. I learned a lot and look forward to passing my exam. I also look forward to signing up for more classes soon.

Frank Welte
Managing Member, The Welte Company llc

Very comprehensive, lots of examples. Very good.

TJ Khawaja
C.E.O, SunTech PowerSystems

Looking back, I'm amazed at what I've learned. The entire course felt like little effort. I was able to learn each byte one bit at a time.

Adam Tomcheck

“Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. -Teddy Roosevelt Sean, In the above quote, I think you have the 2nd and 3rd kinds of greatness. Fate placed you at time where your teaching and solar skills are needed to help mankind and the planet (literarily). I am honored to have met you, and to have learned from your super set of solar skills. The Solar Bootcamp was phenomenal. Your solar books helped a lot (good job, well written). The training has the potential to be transformational for the country at a time when this change is critical. Your commitment to making sure we all can learn this science, strategically, make you a national treasure. Thank you.

Linda McCormick
McCormick, Linda

I really value my education with Heatspring for many reasons. First, I get to learn about many things I never knew about. Another reason is that the teacher here really care about you and your education. Also, I have a lot of chances to make up work during the week. Tutoring is also available this program (free lessons) for those students who don’t understand something, Sean always encourage us to ASK questions he get back to you always! It was an excellence choice to start with Sean.

Norbert Sospataki

I really enjoyed taking this course, in which I learned a lot from the basics to advanced information on the solar systems, Batteries and electricity in general. Very thankful, I now on my path to take the exam and I feel very confident based on the material that Sean has put together. Thank you.

Rony Gonzalez
NA, Intertie Inc

I would absolutely recommend this course.

Erica Morris

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