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This course was a great preparation for the Associate Exam, and made the entire process super easy and stress-free.

Lucas Titolo
Director of Engineering, Solar Landscape

Really enjoyed the course. Great primer on PV!

Chad Sorenson
CEO & Founder, SunPeak

This course is a real slam dunk! Anyone looking to advance there career and knowledge in the Photo voltaic field will benefit huge from the material covered in this course. Well done Sean White and Heat Spring!! Thanks for a well thought out informative class, I feel 100% confident that I will pass my Nabcep Associate's exam with ease after completing this course!!

Benjamin Ellis
The Boss, Solect Energy Development

I took the NABCEP PV Installer exam this morning and did not feel that it was as difficult as I remembered the NABCEP entry level exam to be. But I did not have the benefit of Sean's teaching back then. No matter what my score on the exam today, I am sure that it will be at least 30 points higher for having taken this course! Thanks Sean!

Eric Lichtenheld
Owner, Intelligent Solutions LLC

If your new to the industry this course gives you the fundamentals of PV as a foundation of knowledge to build on.

Jonah Whitten
Solar Ki

The course was very helpful for me. It freshed up the rather dry and sometimes boring/ difficult topics of the NEC.

Carola Voelker
Director of Projects, Centroplan USA LLC

this is a really good course tho the videos are alittle long i do have a short attention span tho so it could just be me.

Dan Ruiz
foreman, black platinum solar&electric

I appreciated this course. Next step is to pass the exam, and a bigger challenge will be find a job as a PV installer and gain installation experience (I live in a state where solar has not taken off, so maybe I will need to move out of state). This course gives me basic knowledge as I start this job-searching process post-exam, and I hope it will give me a good foundation to start my hands-on experience as an installer. The instructor is very punctual and helpful in his responses to discussion board questions. His lectures cover a variety of topics as he tries to give you a big-picture view of the solar energy industry in this entry level course. The way he repeats important concepts throughout the course as reminders is also very helpful.

Yeon Soo Chung
Design Engineer, Nishikawa Cooper LLC

This course study through HeatSpring was very effective and Sean kept the lessons interesting and easy to understand.

Rita Baxter
Project Manager, Solar Ki LLC

Sean is really good at explaining this material. Not only does he do a good job of keeping some of the dry material interesting but he makes sure to repeat key points in following sections to help them stay in your brain.

Jaymie Stanton
Assistant Project Manager, Borrego Solar Systems

To Whom It May Concern: I searched for online educational options after I committed to study for the NABCEP Professional Installers Certification Exam. I studied daily for 3 months; ie, including weekends. Admittedly, there were multiple instances of frustration and feelings of hopelessness. When you experience, and you will, just persevere. I suspect frustration is normal when trying to learn something new and technical such as solar. My preparation consisted of meticulously reviewing and re-reviewing each of Sean's videos; including completing each practice problem multiple times. I also changed the variables in the problems and solved them for practice. Sean's approach to presenting the content was key in my exam preparation. I found it beneficial extrapolating concepts in his videos and applying them in potential 'real life' circumstances. In addition, Sean's availability and responsiveness was extremely beneficial. He responses were consistently timely and thorough - he is a very valuable resource. Together with Sean's involvement/support and the content of the course, I was well prepared for the exam. Having access to valuable tools (eg, Sean's course) alone will not get the job done. You must commit to put in the necessary time and effort. Though I have a few degrees in science and business, the exam proved to be one of the most challenging I have yet to encounter. Though I passed the exam upon my first attempt, I walked out of the session not really knowing how I did (I guess that, too, is normal). In closing, I highly recommend Sean's course to anyone who is serious about passing the exam. Good luck!

Gary Gonzales
Owner, Renergy Solar, LLC

You can't beat this course by Sean White to gain a solid foundation in solar PV concepts. Sean is an experienced professional and brings a real world perspective to the topics covered for the NABCEP Associates exam.

Derk Shelly

Great program!! Made it easy to understand especially for people who don't have much experience in PV or the math behind it.

Andrew Lawrence
Tech, Advance Solar & Energy Solutions

This class was great i loved how it went through the beginning of PV and how it started all the way to present day. Sean has an awesome attitude and a true passion about solar and his knowledge is immense in renewable energy. Great person to have as a teacher.

Justin Hiner
Foreman, Synergy Solar

As a current solar installer this course truly helped me grasp the fundamentals of the industry and spurred my desire to advance my knowledge.

Jackson Drury
O&M Analyst, Standard Solar

I enjoyed the Associate PV Heat Spring course. It was very informative and helped me prepare for the NABCEP associate exam. I could tailor the course to my schedule which was incredibly helpful. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into solar PV.

Forest Stroud
Master's Degree Candidate, Lipscomb University

If you are considering entering the world of PV and have found the multiple options for education, go with Sean White! This course is very challenging, but the way he presents a massive amount of information, is digestible. I highly recommend this to everyone interested in this field.

Tony Fleming
Project Coordinator , Northwest Edison

I normally don't do well with online courses, I like being in a classroom better, but this was the best online course I've taken, Sean really knows his stuff.

Richard Stuart

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone trying to get their NABCEP certification. It makes learning the material very easy and prepares you well.

Mario Titolo
Solar Feasibility and Design Engineer, Safari Energy

This course is good for anybody that's willing to learn. You don't have to be a genius to comprehend how pv systems work.

DeShon Langston
Roofer, Facilities management at UVa

this is my first online course but beleive me i prefer online course to campus course

Ayowole Emmanuel Afolabi
giwusolar llc
Zachary D

If you are new to PV this course is a must. The instructor, Sean White, does an amazing job of engaging with every student in the chapter discussion boards, his lectures are informative and fun, and the course material is well paced. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a better understanding of PV.

Shay Banton
Junior Utility Engineer, Borrego Solar

This course is perfect for people working full-time, so that they can work at their own pace, while not compromising the quality of education.

Melanie Janarelli
Journeyman Electrician, ReVision Energy

100% recommend, instructor Sean White explains PV in great way.

Kerry Lipp
Solar Installer / Electrician, Lipp Electric & Solar

Highly inspiring,illustrative,intuitive and very user friendly. Loved it. Compliments for good job

Satish Adurkar
Managing Director, White House Solar

Sean White is an awesome teacher! His teaching methods are interesting, engaging, fun, informative, and super helpful. I love his down to earth personality and approach, and how he goes step by step through the process. It's a great walk-through for learning how to navigate through the code book - which is a great real world simulation for the exam conditions. Also, I love the handy-dandy calculator short cuts as well as thinking about things such as the test room and state of mind, etc. Plus his sense of humor is an added benefit. I will keep drilling and reviewing the videos and materials, but I feel like I am really ready already. I would highly highly recommend this for anyone planning to sit for the NABCEP exam. In fact, I've been telling some of my coworkers about how great this course is already. Thanks!

Josh Gray
Project Manager, Solar Energy Systems

I am so thankful for the opportunity to take this course from one of the greatest teachers!

Suresh Kaushik

If you need a basic knowledge and a little field knowledge take this course its great

PV Design engineer, Global Solar Energy LLc

Sean explains the material in the book and in the lectures in a manner that is very easy to follow and very easy to understand. In my opinion anyone who is willing to take this course should use Shaun White's class and lecture because I didn't go to school for electrical and how they would understand everything that was taught. I truly feel that I am ready to take the knapsack entry level exam with confidence and being able to pass the test with ease.

Eric Beaudette
Crew Lead, Skyline Solar

I felt very well prepared for the NABCEP Installer Exam after taking this course. The test covers so much material that it is difficult to create a course that touches on everything you may be tested on. This course seems to do that about as well as is possible given the scope and difficulty of the test. Recommended.

Joss Jaffe

Come back to me in 6 weeks, after I find out whether I passed the exam tomorrow (10/22/16)! LOL

Ken Stewart
President, Easley Electric Inc.

Sean's course is a must before the NABCEP test!!!

Mike Veeder
President, Kooltemp Heating & Cooling

I feel confident about entering this field thanks to the excellent material in the PV NABCEP prep course! Very patient and helpful teachers and support staff.

Danielle Laberge
Sales Rep and System Designer, Grassroots Solar
William B

Will send install photos.

Seth Christ
Vice President of Solar Operations, Francis Renewable Energy

the lecture and lecturer are fun.

Nan Shen
Design Engineering Lead, Safari Energy LLC

Worth every penny if you are serious about not just passing NABCEP but actually learning the fundamentals of solar to be functional in the industry.

Rex Wilson

The course offered through heatspring was extremely educational. Honestly, it was the best online course I've ever taken.

Kristina Flesher
General Contractor & Alternative Energies Installer, Sunny Skies- Solar & Wind

Thrilled with the NABCEP Entry Level Course, I look forward to taking the Proffessional Preparation Course in the near future.

John Clasby
PM, 64 Solar

Sean is a great instructor, and extraordinarily knowledgeable on the subject matter. It is a very good class.

Tedrowe Bonner
Principal, Rubicon Seven, LLC

Really i like it



Abdullah Al Alawi
Assistant General Manager, Continental Shelf of Solar TECH.


Majid Al Alawi
General Manager, Continental Shelf of Solar Tech

Dr. White being an industry leader has developed an excellent course for NABCEP Entry Level. I will be registering for the more advanced course once hands-on experience is obtained

Rob Mizner

Sorry, I really did but I'm too shy

Suzanne Csejtey
President, Design Energy

This course has given me additional knowledge and understanding about our Solar world. It is my hope to follow any additional courses given by Dr White regardless if I am in the USA or Africa. Thanks to HeatSpring. Thanks Tom!

Julius F Hoff Sr
Owner, Piedmont International Africa Inc.

The Heatspring NABCEP Installation Professional Exam prep course was very effective and instructional to me. It provides a vast amount of information and practical exercises in a comfortable and entertaining fashion. Highly recommended.

Art Krebs
CEO, Krebs Ventures LLC dba Construction Art

This course was excellent! Sean is wonderful at relaying the information within, Tom was prompt in responding to any issues that arose.

Nicholas DiMartino

I see why Sean won the teaching award. I look forward to taking the NABCEP installer Cert Prep Class

Nate Roumanis
Owner, Sunrise Solar Consulting LLC

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