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by Aaron Nelson 05/03/2023

This is the best technical course in this field that I have encountered, and I would certainly purchase another.

by Micah Johnson, Operations Manager, Solar Connection 05/02/2023

Excellent course and excellent value. Note that while it's listed as a 16 hour course, that's referring to 16 hours of video time. There is also reading, tests, and studying that are not included in that.

by Juan Facundo 04/24/2023

I've really enjoyed the entire program. I've learned a lot. There is a lot of information, in some areas maybe too much information, but I'll know for sure after the test. It is difficult bc there is a lot of areas that we don't necessarily have to deal with anymore due to software and such. That would be my only area of pause. Other then that, I feel prepared for the test.

by Ezra K 04/19/2023

by Braden Fritsche 04/19/2023

I feel that anyone involved in PV in the US would benefit greatly by taking this course.

by Nicholas Shrader 04/07/2023

I learned so much taking this course, it is a lot of information, but Sean does an excellent job of explaining what, where, and why things are in the PV industry. Whether you are already in the industry or looking to make the jump I can't recommend this course enough. I feel extremely confident about taking the exam after having took this course.

by Peter Hughes 03/22/2023

Sean is an entertaining presenter which helped keep my interest during the training. The content is great and applicable to what I do everyday. I leave this class feeling more confident in my work and having learned a few things.

by Douglas Lacanilao 03/16/2023

This course has it all! from safety to sizing with history though out.

by Victor Bernal 02/22/2023

I joined these IBT classes not knowing a thing in PV know. I have learned a lot this past couple of weeks.

by Alex Faiks, BrightStreet Solar 02/21/2023

practice exams were amazing -- you can tell Sean is one of the people who helped create this test.

by David Kozin, A&R Solar 02/08/2023

The videos were fun and I knew I could rely on the expertise and knowledge of both Sean and Bill.

by Justiniano Campa 01/29/2023

I can't imagine there is a more qualified instructor who is equally able to relay information is such a retainable as Sean White. Access or review any course material anytime anywhere. Save time researching available PVA courses across the US and run with Sean's.

by Joshua Gillebaard 01/16/2023

Sean White and Bill Brooks are industry experts with deep knowledge on so many aspects of PV design and code compliance. And they somehow manage to make every module interesting, even the trigonometry review module.

by Melissa Levick, SR Sales Enablement Trainer, Aurora Solar 11/29/2022

Excellent content and fun videos that create a great learning experience .

by Mark Heiliger 11/11/2022

Great course that has helped me advance my knowledge of the solar industry quickly. Highly recommend as preparation for the NABCEB.

by Jeremy Gann, Gann Electric, Heating and Cooling 10/25/2022

I will be coming back for more quality training!

by Robert Spermo 10/21/2022

Course is well presented and extremely thorough.

by Reme Meck, Solar Design Engineer 10/10/2022

This is the second time I've taken continuing education credits for renewing my NABCEP license, and the first time taking Sean White's Heatspring course. It has been extremely comprehensive with many deep dives on critical subjects, the depth and breadth of content covered by it is 2nd to none. I will be using Sean White's courses for my CE credits for the foreseeable future and recommend them to anyone looking to do the same.

by Mac Nelson Gonzales, Solar Design Engineer, Sunlight and Power 09/24/2022

Recommended course

by ANANT Adhvaryu, Student, Northeastern University 09/14/2022

This course is really valuable, if you are going to start journey in solar industry.

by Quinn Keenan, Energy Efficiency Engineer, ICAST 09/01/2022

Sean White is a great teacher and did a wonderful job explaining the course material. Sean takes the time to respond to comments/questions every day. He truly takes the time to help his students, even though it is virtual. The practice exams and quizzes were also great.

by Frank Welte, Managing Member, The Welte Company llc 08/20/2022

I really enjoyed Sean's Solar PV Bootcamp. I learned a lot and look forward to passing my exam. I also look forward to signing up for more classes soon.

by Teddy Hodges, Manager, RedSun Solar LLC 08/10/2022

Thanks for taking the time

by TJ Khawaja, C.E.O, SunTech PowerSystems 07/27/2022

Very comprehensive, lots of examples. Very good.

by Christopher Knight, Deputy Operations Manager, Synaptic Solar & Dynamic SLR 06/29/2022

This course is really a down to earth and easily navigable way to introduce and train yourself on the material for the PVTS.

by Rony Gonzalez, NA, Intertie Inc 06/10/2022

I really enjoyed taking this course, in which I learned a lot from the basics to advanced information on the solar systems, Batteries and electricity in general. Very thankful, I now on my path to take the exam and I feel very confident based on the material that Sean has put together. Thank you.

by Nicole Sanches, Energy Desk Manager, Perch Energy 06/10/2022

What a great way to brush up on the NEC and solar requirements! Sean's podcast helped me pass the NABCEP the first time, and taking the course for continuing ed has been just as helpful! I know I will go back and listen to some of the materials again as I run into project work that relates.

by Madelynn S 05/16/2022

by Jeffrey Cantin 05/08/2022

Comprehensive resource for solar, energy storage, EV and other great topics. Well worth the time.

by Vicki Saputo 04/29/2022

Take this class!

by Thomas Astolfi 04/27/2022

I love solar

by Anthony Fernandez 04/04/2022

Great job putting this course together. Lots of very good information that gives a very broad overview of solar. I will definitely use this class as a resource while I have access to it.

by Leonard Slack, Sr. Electrical design engineer , Jacobs engineering group 04/02/2022

As an electrical PE, I found the course to be a useful, though inefficient, way to gain an understanding of basic solar PV design and troubleshooting. Judging from the sophistication of the material, It appears that the target population lacks basic math skills and struggles with abstract concepts. The tedious repetition and plodding pace made me wish for a 3X speed choice on the videos.

by Steven Bowling, Bowling Electric, Inc. 03/15/2022

Great job Sean!! Thank you very much

by Gajanan Borikar, Electrical Engineer, Motiva 06/16/2021

Learned a lot in short time. Very confident to pass the Associate Exam and have signed-up for the next 40 hrs PV installation class.

by James Masse 06/02/2021

Sean will be attentive and answer your questions quickly with great detail. This isn’t your average online course. Thanks to great info and an instructor that really cares about outcomes. Take this class if you’re really interested in learning more about the field of solar.

by Matthew Fenlon, Insulation Technician, Home Energy Inc 06/01/2021

An excellent introduction to the solar industry

by yash asthana 05/28/2021

I recommend this course to all the professionals and students who are in the field of solar energy. I passed my exam in the first go and all the credit goes to my mentor Sean White. The technical aspects which you learn in the course will really helps you to enhance your career in the field of solar energy because heat spring and Sean white has put lot a of hard work in designing the course. Looking forward to learn more from you guys for pv technical sales certification.

by Christopher Noble, Electrician, Blue Raven Solar 05/19/2021

I have been installing residential solar for the past two years. I'm the crew lead for my city. I thought I knew a lot about solar ( I knew enough to get the job passed and complete). After taking JUST the 18 hour portion of this, I realized I didn't!!! I'm feeling much more confident in my career just after the 18 hours. Deciding to take the NABCEP course was the best idea I've ever had. I took this course to better my self in the field I work in. I cant wait for the next 40 hours.

by Kevin White 05/18/2021

If you take this class, you will not regret. Getting my NABCEP will change my life!

by Stephen Gerken, Product Marketing Manager, Aurora Solar 05/18/2021

This is such a great course to prepare for the NABCEP PV Associate exam. I'm not sure I'd be able to pass without the help of Solar Sean!

by amir rosser 05/12/2021

A great course I learn a lot and will share my experience with others to take the course.

by Larry Suter 05/12/2021

I took another class from another organization and was just not properly prepared for the NABCEP exam like I am now. I am jacked!

by Saad Youssefi 05/12/2021

I recommend getting NABCEP certified and the best way of doing that is by taking this class first. There are many practice exams that are spot on. Also, the instructor's manner was fun and made the class enjoyable. I feel like I have a new friend. You can tell he puts a lot of time into his material.

by George Denmark II, President, John Mills Electric, Inc. 04/29/2021

by Patrick McGee 04/20/2021

Professor White went in-depth into the topics covered by the NABCEP Associate Exam and beyond. His online lectures are engaging and are filled with real-life examples that help connect technical concepts with practical utility. On top of that, his sense of humor elevated the material and kept me engaged in ways that other online courses struggle to do. After taking this course, I feel way more prepared for the NABCEP Associate Exam and entering the solar field.

by Thomas Schoenborne, President, Advanced Renewable Technologies 04/20/2021

Sean White and Bill Brooks are two of the most talented and experienced people in the solar PV industry; their credentials and accomplishments speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend taking this course, the investment is worth every dollar and second. Like anything in life - The more you put in, the more you get out - But, there is a lot to get here... Take a deep dive into the resources and training provided and you'll be rewarded with significant knowledge and valuable skills. Sincerely, Tom Schoenborne Founder A.R.Technologies, LLC

by michael glenn 04/12/2021

I truly enjoyed all the information presented in the lessons

by Adrian Guzman, Master electrician , Kayo Energy 03/28/2021

Nabcep certification and training will put you far above the rest in the Solar industry. Its improved the quality and effective production of my installs. As well as made me a better trainer/leader.

by Amy Voegtli 03/15/2021

Sean is great! He is very responsive and informative!

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