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Making the Case: A Guide to Selling GSHP Systems - Self Study


Author: Ryan Carda

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Geothermal Heat Pump Economics & Marketing

Doing a simple payback analysis is a practical first step to take on any geothermal project, but there are many more factors for a prospective owner to consider. A comprehensive sales proposal could be the key to separating yourself from the competition.

This course provides an overview of all of the factors that should be included in your geothermal heat pump sales proposal.

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Ryan Carda

Principal Engineer, Dandelion Energy

Ryan Carda is Principal Engineer for Dandelion. He is primarily responsible for design and engineering standardization, with a focus on optimizing the performance and lowering the cost of geothermal systems. Prior to that, Ryan co-founded Geo-Connections in 2004 and served as the company’s President until he sold the company to Dandelion. The products Ryan developed...[more]

Course Outline

Making the Case: A Guide to Selling GSHP Systems

This lesson provides (1) an overview of all aspects to cover with the prospective GSHP system owner, (2) a discussion on efficiency - how is it definied and how to compare operating costs from one HVAC system type to the next and (3) a sample simple payback and cost of ownership analysis using LoopLink RLC.

  • Read: "ASHP vs. GSHP: Making an Apples to Apples Comparison" (Resource)
  • Read: "Let Geo LEED the Way" (Resource)
  • Economics & Marketing - Part 1 (Video - 12:31 minutes)
  • Economics & Marketing - Part 2 (Video - 11:40 minutes)
  • Economics & Marketing - LoopLink Example (Video - 11:14 minutes)
  • Presentation slides (PDF) (Download .pdf)
  • Skills Assessment Quiz (Quiz)

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