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Completing this course gets you halfway to your IronRidge Solar PV Installation Certification.

IronRidge developed this free solar installation course. You'll walk through a full pv installation on a pitched roof with composite shingles. You'll learn installation best practices, solar building codes and much more.

While IronRidge products are mentioned in this course, it's not just a product training. This is a valuable learning opportunity even if you're not an IronRidge customer. This is a great for people who are relatively new and want to be productive on the job right away.

Want to get IronRidge certified?

Complete this course as your first step toward becoming an IronRidge Certified Installer. After passing the final exam for this course, you’ll be eligible to register for a Hands-on Training event delivered by the IronRidge training team.

Este curso también está disponible en español.

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Course outline

8 modules • 70 assignments • 1:48 hours of video lectures

Welcome • 4 assignments
Orientation Materials

This is a free course. We take pride in our free courses, but keep in mind that this is only a taste of what we do in a full HeatSpring course. You can get started immediately after you enroll.

  • Introduction to IronRidge (03:00 minutes)
  • How ICP Works (01:42 minutes)
  • About IronRidge Installer Certification
  • Totally optional: iPhone App for taking this class (50 seconds)
Module 1 • 5 assignments
Introduction to Solar PV

  • Intro to Solar PV (04:37 minutes)
  • Rail-based racking systems (03:56 minutes)
  • Codes & Standards (07:10 minutes)
  • Recap (14 seconds)
  • Module 1 Quiz
Module 2 • 6 assignments
Introduction to Roofing Systems

  • Roof Types & Pitches (02:34 minutes)
  • Roof Anatomy (01:38 minutes)
  • Composition Asphalt Shingles (02:50 minutes)
  • Roof Attachments & Applications (01:28 minutes)
  • Recap (08 seconds)
  • Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 • 13 assignments
Rail-Based Racking

  • Flush Mount System Overview (01:04 minutes)
  • Design Considerations (02:20 minutes)
  • Required Tools & Supplies (01:52 minutes)
  • Roofing Sealant (02:08 minutes)
  • Project Plans (49 seconds)
  • Module Orientation (36 seconds)
  • Roof Zones (01:53 minutes)
  • Know Your Jobsite (01:02 minutes)
  • Ladder Placement & Equipment (02:55 minutes)
  • Roof Hazards & Conditions (01:50 minutes)
  • Staging Tools & Materials (03:18 minutes)
  • Recap (18 seconds)
  • Module 3 Quiz
Module 4 • 6 assignments
Marking Array Dimensions

  • Laying Out The Array (03:27 minutes)
  • Module Clamping Zones & Rail Spacing (04:45 minutes)
  • Determining Rafter Locations (04:06 minutes)
  • Marking Attachment Locations (27 seconds)
  • Recap (10 seconds)
  • Module 4 Quiz
Module 5 • 11 assignments
Installing Attachments

  • Installing Roof Attachments (49 seconds)
  • Required Tools & Materials (42 seconds)
  • Drilling Pilot Holes (01:43 minutes)
  • Sealing Missed Pilot Holes (01:31 minutes)
  • Preparing Attachment Locations (49 seconds)
  • Flashing Features (01:06 minutes)
  • Removing Nails (01:37 minutes)
  • Aligning the Flashing (01:01 minutes)
  • Pro Tips (38 seconds)
  • Recap (09 seconds)
  • Module 5 Quiz
Module 6 • 9 assignments
Flush Mount Racking

  • Flush Mount Racking Assembly (02:12 minutes)
  • Determining Rail Lengths & Making Cut List (01:39 minutes)
  • Cutting & Splicing Rails (02:16 minutes)
  • Squaring & Levelling Rails (02:11 minutes)
  • Array Grounding Components (01:42 minutes)
  • Attaching Module-Level Power Electronics (02:11 minutes)
  • Housekeeping (32 seconds)
  • Recap (12 seconds)
  • Module 6 Quiz
Module 7 • 5 assignments
Wire Management

  • Wire Management (03:00 minutes)
  • Wiring Plans (02:23 minutes)
  • Junction Boxes & Conduit (03:03 minutes)
  • Recap (10 seconds)
  • Module 7 Quiz
Module 8 • 7 assignments
Module Installation

  • Solar Module Installation (04:54 minutes)
  • Connecting MLPE Devices (02:34 minutes)
  • Securing Modules to Rails (02:37 minutes)
  • Trimming Rails & Hiding Ends (02:40 minutes)
  • Recap (12 seconds)
  • Course Summary (16 seconds)
  • Module 8 Quiz
Conclusion • 4 assignments
Feedback and Additional Resources

This is our last module but you still have access to the all of course materials so keep working and you'll be able to complete the course at your own pace. Enjoy the course and keep in touch!

  • IronRidge Installer Certification Final Test
  • Take the next step: IronRidge Installer Certification
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate

Continuing Education Units

Approved for the following CEUs

  • IronRidge Solar PV Installation Certification

NABCEP Registered Provider

This course counts towards the training requirements for taking NABCEP professional certification exams and CEUs for renewing all certifications.


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    Whether you’re a new entrant to the solar industry, training your crew, or just refreshing your credentials, the IronRidge Installer Certification Program was built for you. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

How does this course work?
This is a free course. Enroll today and get access to all of the materials instantly. This is a self-study, self-paced course and you can set your own schedule to complete the materials. You can begin the lecture videos and other course materials as soon as you enroll. After successfully completing the course, you will be able to generate a certificate of completion.
How long do I have access to the materials?
For free courses there is no guarantee for how long the course materials will be available.
Is there a certificate of completion?
Yes, when you complete this course you are eligible for a certificate of completion from HeatSpring. You can download your certificate as soon as you have completed all of the course requirements. Students can easily share their verified certificates on their LinkedIn profiles using our LinkedIn integration.
Can I register multiple people?
Yes, this is a free course so you can share this page with other people from your group.


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