Introduction to Electric Utility Distribution System Operations


Learn enough to be effective (and dangerous) in your role within the utility ecosystem

Instructor: Tim Taylor

Subjects: Utilities: Electrical Distribution

Length: 6 weeks


Developed In Partnership With DISTRIBUTECH and POWERGRID International

This is a professional development course for utility industry professionals to learn the fundamentals of electric utility distribution system operations.

For some this will be enough to inform your career decisions and understand the considerations of your co-workers. For others, this course will be a launching point for a deeper dive into system operations.

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Tim Taylor


Mr. Taylor has over 30 years of experience in electric distribution planning, design, operations, and asset management. He also has experience in business development and technical sales support in ADMS, asset management systems, and overcurrent protection products. Mr. Taylor has led and participated in many projects with North American utilities, with limited...[more]

Course Outline

Objectives in Distribution System Operations

Concepts of Voltage/Current/Power

Systems Architectures and Equipment

Voltage Control, Overcurrent Protection, Reliability

Operations and Maintenance

Emerging Trends

Free Courses on Utilities, Electrical Distribution

A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment

Tim Taylor is your tour guide in this free course is offered in partnership with DISTRIBUTECH and POWERGRID International.

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