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by Judy Netherland, Pre-Construction Project Manager, ReVision Enerergy 03/29/2023

Tim is a great instructor. If I am not fully invested in the topic by interest, it is easy to lose me in a lecture. Tim did not do this at all. I would recommend HeatSpring to anyone who needs the training but is prone to getting lost in lectures. Tim keeps you on your toes and interested in the topics being discussed.

by William Noyes, Noyes Engineering 01/21/2021

Tim's style is laid back but information filled. He is an expert who is experienced and comfortable with the subject.

by John Sasso 12/04/2020

The Utility Distribution Systems & Equipment course provides an excellent overview of the topic for those who do not have a EE or PE background. The instructor delves into topics at a sufficient level which should encourage the student to learn more about on their own. I highly recommend the course to those who have to deal with distribution systems in the industry.

by Nate N 04/01/2023

by Alex R 03/29/2023

by Tom S 02/16/2023

by Mark K 07/31/2022

by Zack L 09/02/2021

by Alex K 08/27/2021

by Robert R 06/28/2021

by Scot S 06/25/2021

by Bill G 05/12/2021

by Aram K 12/20/2020

by Sydney B 12/07/2020

by Gina Marie C 12/06/2020

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