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Real time geothermal monitoring has finally become economical for installers, and real time monitoring significantly reduces risk for property owners and can verify system performance. Take this course to learn how to install and commission the GES.

Lessons learned from more than 100,000 hours of monitoring real-life geothermal heat pump systems. You will learn the benefits of real time monitoring and how to install and commission the GxTracker™. Here are some things we'll cover:

  • Measurement, quantification,and illustration of the amount of renewable thermal energy drawn from and returned to the ground (Geoexchange) by ground source (geothermal) heat pump systems.
  • Illustration of the amount of other fuels that would be needed to produce an equivalent amount of thermal energy as that exchanged with the ground by the GSHP (Renewable Energy Equivalents).
  • Comparison of GSHP operating costs relative to other heating/cooling systems (Cost Savings)
  • Display of the additional amount of carbon that would have been emitted to the atmosphere had other conventional fossil fuels been used for heating and cooling (GSHP Carbon Savings).
  • Graphs of system Data–entering and leaving groundloop fluid temperatures, heat pump runtimes, and BTUs per hour of Geoexchange. These data are also available in convenient daily summaries.

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Course outline

5 modules • 23 assignments • 1:55 hours of video lectures

Module 1 • 5 assignments
An Overview of Real Time Geothermal Monitoring and the Benefits

First, we'll discuss the basics of real time monitoring and what needs
to be measured to have useful output. We'll discuss the varying
levels of accuracy and cost and the difference between monitoring and
metering. Lastly, we'll discuss the business benefits of real time

  • Introduction to Real Time, Web Based Geothermal Monitoring (16:03) (16:03 minutes)
  • White Paper: Geothermal Performance Monitoring (.pdf)
  • Real Time Monitoring Installation Walkthrough (05:55 minutes)
  • Introduction to One Wire Networks (1:58) (02:58 minutes)
  • GxTracker Installation Manual (.pdf)
Module 2 • 6 assignments
Temperature & Flow Measurements

Overview of the commonly used DS18B20 digital temperature sensor including: application in GSHP systems, accuracy, and calibration. We'll also explore the challenges that GSHP systems face in the current OIML heat metering standard. Overview of how to quantify the flowrate in a GSHP system. We will discuss the applicability of three options: constant flow, vortex shedding flow meter, and turbine flow meter.

  • Measuring Delta T (17:59) (17:59 minutes)
  • Flow Measurement Video (15:36) (15:36 minutes)
  • DS18B20 Datasheet
  • Seametrics MJ Series Flowmeter Product Information (.pdf)
  • Overview of On-Pipe Temperature Measurements (.pdf)
  • Sika VVX Flow Sensor Product Information (.pdf)
Module 3 • 4 assignments
Power Measurement Options

Quantifying performance of a GSHP system requires quantifying the electricity consumption of the heat pump components. This module will explore three options: measured runtimes and heat pump manufacturer specifications, current transducers, power meters.

  • Advanced Pulse WattNode User Manual (.pdf)
  • Continental Control Systems Accu CT Datasheet (.pdf)
  • Elkor i-Snail-VC Current Transducer Datasheet (.pdf)
  • Power Measurement (17:27 minutes)
Module 4 • 6 assignments
Monitoring System Commissioning & Working with the Data

Topics Include: Connecting the internet and an overview of configuring the
monitoring system. Step-by-step walk through configuration
interface. System diagnostics and troubleshooting. Some tips on what to look for in the different data products, ranging from real-time graphs of minute-resolution data, to trends in daily performance metrics that are provided. Course wrap-up and Self-Evaluation Quiz

  • Setting up the Monitoring System (06:42 minutes)
  • WiFi Configuration using Wireless Bridge (.pdf)
  • Web Interface for GxTracker Data Products (23:23 minutes)
  • Configuration of WiFi Gateway (.pdf)
  • Quiz (22 questions)
  • Online Configuration (08:58 minutes)


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i learned about things I could not have elsewhere. These tools are powerful.

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good course

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