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by SUKMA P 05/06/2020

by Chris Oudshoorn, Owner, Above Net Zero 11/14/2019

i learned about things I could not have elsewhere. These tools are powerful.

by Del Isabelle 11/12/2018

good course

by Fahd Elhaissoufi 08/11/2018

Thank you

by ASAN MOHAMED REFAI. D 07/31/2018

Yes of course

by Peter Ferguson 03/14/2018

prior to committing to an investment of a geothermal system, this course prepares even the end client with a better understanding of what is involved with this type of heating system.

by Brian Haase 03/09/2018

Thank you

by Timothy Morgan 04/27/2016


by Frank J Cservak, President, CM Services 01/04/2016

Matt Davis' course on Installing & Commissioning the Ground Energy Support Real Time Geothermal Monitoring System is a first class approach to determine if your Geothermal System is performing to its potential. Of particular importance is the savings in energy dollars that is compiled comparing Geothermal heating and cooling to all other fuels.

by MUHAMMAD ABBAS ALI, Marketing Manager, Quality Air systems 10/02/2015


by Aubrey S 08/28/2023

by Rick J 12/29/2022

by Nigel P 12/06/2021

by Ryan K 06/07/2020

by Shaun J 06/04/2020

by Vasanthi M 05/03/2020

by Neelakrishnan G 04/30/2020

by King T 01/02/2020

by Tracey O 10/21/2019

by Chaitanya Samir S 05/24/2018

by Kurt H 12/20/2017

by Mohamad E 04/06/2017

by Gary G 03/30/2017

by Brandon S 01/06/2016

by arthur m 12/26/2015

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