Installing & Commissioning Real Time Geothermal Monitoring Systems - Self Study


Author: Matt Davis

Subjects: Renewable HVAC: HVAC Design, Renewable HVAC: Geothermal

Length: 4 modules

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Rating: 9.2/10
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11/12/2018 - Del I.

Rating: 10/10

good course

08/11/2018 - Fahd E.

Rating: 10/10

Thank you

07/31/2018 - ASAN MOHAMED R.

Rating: 10/10

Yes of course

03/14/2018 - Peter F.

Rating: 10/10

prior to committing to an investment of a geothermal system, this course prepares even the end client with a better understanding of what is involved with this type of heating system.

03/09/2018 - Brian H.

Rating: 8/10

Thank you

04/06/2017 - Mohamad E.

Rating: 6/10

04/27/2016 - Timothy M.

Rating: 10/10


01/06/2016 - Brandon S.

Rating: 9/10

01/04/2016 - Frank J C.

Rating: 9/10

Matt Davis' course on Installing & Commissioning the Ground Energy Support Real Time Geothermal Monitoring System is a first class approach to determine if your Geothermal System is performing to its potential. Of particular importance is the savings in energy dollars that is compiled comparing Geothermal heating and cooling to all other fuels.

12/26/2015 - arthur m.

Rating: 10/10

10/02/2015 - MUHAMMAD ABBAS A.

Rating: 10/10


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