How to Succeed in the Emerging NewSpace Industry


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Instructor: Bruce Pittman

Subjects: Other Technology: Commercial Space

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Anyone looking to succeed in the Emerging Space Industry needs to understand how the Commercial Leverage Model (CLM) works. Used to promote public/private partnerships between NASA and the emerging space industry, the Commercial Leverage Model is accelerating the Emerging Space Industry’s development and will continue to for years to come.

Spend 60 minutes with Bruce Pittman learning the key elements of the Commercial Leverage Model CLM) and how it’s served as a successful business strategy foundation for companies like SpaceX, Orbital Science Corporation, and the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo program (COTS). This free course is offered in partnership with the AIAA.

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Bruce Pittman

Mr. Bruce Pittman is the president of Profit Engineering Technologies, Senior Vice President & Senior Operating Officer of the National Space Society, and is the Chief Systems Engineer for the NASA Space Portal. He has been involved in high technology product development, project management and system engineering for over 30 years. He spent 11 years working at the...[more]

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Resources to learn more about the Commercial Leverage Model and the future of the emerging space industry.

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