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by Dr Sumathi Premkumar 04/26/2020

Solar business people will enhance more experience of knowledge through this course

by Zac Hayes 02/13/2020

This free course with Keith Cronin provides informative, realistic and interesting information about different aspects of many aspects of a successful solar business plan; information that is very relevant and straightforward. He has a way of explaining why the small business who cares vs. big the corporate profits matter most approach is actually the key.

by Francois du Toit 01/29/2020

As a copywriter, writing for the renewable energy field, I always try to expand my knowledge of my clients and the problems they face in their business. This course really gave me insight in how marketing and operations affects the profitability of a solar business. And it showed me how an empty (naked) website could prevent your business to reach it's full potential.

by Seth Tracy, Owner, Aloe solar 01/04/2020

if you are looking to start a business, take this short course, you wont regret it.

by TALWINDER SINGH 07/18/2019


by Antawn Jackson 06/05/2019

The speaker pointed out a number of key areas that I will definitely address and make changes as it relates to my business and how I move forward in the future.

by Casandra Small 09/04/2018

this course has been very informative it can point you in the right direction especially for a new start up business.

by Vasilii Smirnov 04/29/2018


by Joseph Michael 03/20/2018

This is an excellent course for business owners who wish to grow their businesses.

by Angel Garcia 09/29/2017

This man knows what he is talking about.Good job.

by Ricardo Guevara 08/29/2017

It's nice

by SHANE P 01/20/2023

by Osenotse M 10/09/2022

by Jeff G 08/02/2022

by Joshua R 06/30/2022

by Kassandra N 03/12/2021

by samuel p 01/14/2021

by Brandon E 05/04/2020

by Mayakkannan K 04/27/2020

by SENTHILKUMAR S 04/27/2020

by Dr.P. G 04/26/2020

by SHEWALE BHAGAWAT K 04/25/2020

by Ndileka P 04/01/2020

by Craig C 10/02/2019

by Clay N 09/24/2019

by Anthony R 09/02/2019

by James S 12/19/2018

by Kristina D 09/17/2018

by Nathan A 09/07/2018

by Shawn B 07/27/2018

by Kevin L 02/06/2018

by Amadeo F 12/22/2017

by Muhamad alif M 11/18/2017

by Sunny N 09/22/2017

by Kurt H 09/04/2017

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