How to Get More Clients, Team Members and Profits for Your Solar Business


Instructor: Keith Cronin

Subjects: Solar: Marketing and Sales, Solar: Business Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this a little premature, wouldn't it be better to wait and see what the final decision is?

Its true that it is premature to declare anything with certainty at this stage. However, our perspective is that there are things every solar business can do today that will put them in a better position regardless of what happens. If its business as usual, they will be more profitable and diversified. If its higher costs, there are angles and approaches to weather that storm as well.

The main thing we are hearing is that people in the solar industry, especially business owners are worried. This is a chance to foster a discussion and platform to help each other through what could be a challenging period.

As if solar business owners are not facing enough challenges right? The thing is, this is the reality of the solar industry. Be it tariffs, incentives, or price gauging governments and corporations - solar business owners must be resilient and laser focused on profit and strategy. When they are, great success can be achieved even in the face of a difficult market.

I missed the live webcast you did, is there a way to view that on demand?

Yes we did record the webcast and post it as and video assignment in this course. To view it, just enroll in this free course and you will get access to the recorded webcast as well as the additional course materials.

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