GP201: GeoPro Product Handling - Self Study


Author: Tyler Harbeck

Subjects: Renewable HVAC: Geothermal, Renewable HVAC: HVAC Design

Length: 1 module

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This course focuses on proper handling practices to minimize the potential for issues in the field.Take this course after GP101: Introduction to GeoPro Products.

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Tyler Harbeck

GeoPro, Inc.

Tyler Harbeck is a Mechanical Engineer at Geo Pro, Inc. He has been involved in the ground source heat pump industry since 2009. His involvement within the industry has been mostly concentrated on geothermal grout research and technical support for Geo Pro, Inc. He also has hands on experience with design and installation of all types of geothermal systems. Tyler...[more]

Course Outline

GeoPro Product Handling

This course focuses on proper handling practices to minimize the potential for issues in the field. Topics include general mixing guidelines, proper silica sand selection, water quality concerns, common seasonal issues and problems with formation losses. A look at proper mixing equipment selection rounds out the lesson leaving you with all of the information needed to ensure success during installation.

  • READING ASSIGNMENT Product Handling Guide (Download .pdf)
  • Product Handling Tutorial (11:59) (Video)
  • WEB RESOURCE Visit the Tools section of our website to see the items GeoPro has developed (Resource)
  • Take a short quiz over what you've just learned (Quiz)
  • OPTIONAL Download a copy of the PowerPoint lesson for this course (Download .pdf)

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