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The average length of time required to complete this course is two hours. The new AT&T National Standards requires all new HVAC systems to provide DC Free-Cooling, as well as advanced controls to maximize efficiency and integration of alarms. Because of the advanced nature of the equipment, AT&T is also mandating training to ensure proper installation. Bard knows your time is valuable, and we have taken steps to provide the most comprehensive and convenient training possible. Thank you for choosing Bard!

Average Time to Complete This Course: 2 Hours

You can begin taking this course immediately after enrolling. It usually takes two hours to finish all of the assignments and take the exam.

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Bard has been providing quality products, great technical support, and excellent customer service to Fibrebond Corporation for over 22 years. They are a vendor you can count on and will always do their best to help you when you need them.

- Kevin McCann, Fibrebond Corporation

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Rick Downie

Manager of Technical Education, Bard Manufacturing

Course Outline

Introduction, Installation, Controller, Alarms & Startup

Work your way through this series of videos, reading, and assignments to prepare for the certification exam at the end of the course.

  • Please read before beginning coursework: Click on me to read/print intro letter (Download .pdf)
  • General Installation Video #1: Click on me to view video (22:33) (Resource)
  • General Installation Video Guide (optional) Click on me to download/print video guide (Download .pdf)
  • DC-Series Installation Manual (optional) Click on me to download/print installation manual (Download .pdf)
  • Controller, Alarms, & Start-Up Video #2: Click on me to view video (20:03) (Resource)
  • Controller, Alarms, & Start-Up Video Guide Click on me to download/print video guide (Download .pdf)
  • Start-Up and Commissioning Document Click on me to download/print start-up document (Download .pdf)
After The Course - Feedback and Additional Resources

In this module, you'll provide feedback on this lecture, request a certificate of completion, and learn about additional resources.

  • Introduction to HeatSpring (1 minute) (Video) preview
  • AT&T Certified Installation Test: Click on me to access online test (Resource)
  • Join the Alumni Network: Add education to your LinkedIn profile in one click (Resource)
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey (Survey)
  • Consider Joining as a Founding Member (Resource)
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate (Certificate)

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