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by Thomas Moehler 08/29/2018


by Vincent Fleury, President , Maniac Motorsports Inc 05/23/2018

I recommend this course to all. Very satisfied with my experience.

by Dakota Brown 05/05/2018


by Chauncey F 05/04/2018

by Thomas Lassiter 04/25/2018

If you focus and study what is being taught , you will do great in the field

by Allan Lassiter 04/25/2018

Just stay focused it teaches you everything you need to know

by Kim Key, HVAC Tech, Infinity Communications LLC 04/10/2018

Bard support is impressive, great support team

by Charles Walker 12/27/2017

Helpful in getting what you need to get done without the stress.

by Art Wilson 10/31/2017


by Edward Beck Sr 04/23/2017

The explanation of the on-line instructor was clear & Precise

by Robert Deskins 03/15/2017

Great class

by Joshua Moore 03/15/2017

Awesome class

by Glenn Moore 03/15/2017

You will not be disappointed with this class.very well put together.

by VINAY KUMAR SINGH, case cold roll forming limited 02/17/2017


by Eric Sundby 09/19/2016

Good class, easy to get access and and return later if needed since we are all very busy. Great to keep you up to speed with new technology.

by Binod Sharma 07/16/2016

Yes easily can implement this subject in job

by Joel Beavers, Quality Assurance, Cellxion 04/21/2016

this course was just right get me a head start on learning about these units.

by Jeffrey Delgado 03/11/2016

Everybody is encouraged to take this course.

by Ranardia Newman 02/29/2016

I will recommend these courses

by mike cory, Owner , Mikes excavating 02/10/2016

it was great

by Engineer Muhammad Amjad Khan 02/08/2016

Heat Spring is doing excellent job....

by Will Sprouse 01/11/2016


by Billy Adkins 01/11/2016

learned some things i didnt know

by Mike Dunn 12/30/2015


by Barry K 09/25/2019

by Ryan L 09/23/2019

by Gage W 04/26/2019

by Phillip R 12/27/2018

by Damian S 11/12/2018

by christopher p 10/02/2018

by Russ L 10/01/2018

by Skyler H 08/28/2018

by Bryan W 08/28/2018

by Keffer C 06/14/2018

by Wayne H 05/23/2018

by Darien C 05/14/2018

by David H 05/12/2018

by robert c 01/07/2018

by Brandon H 10/18/2017

by albert k 06/26/2017

by jordan w 06/23/2017

by Clay A 05/25/2017

by Justin B 05/04/2017

by Justin B 04/05/2017

by Richard G 01/16/2017

by jason l 10/02/2016

by Mike C 09/19/2016

by Daniel B 09/16/2016

by Colin S 04/22/2016

by Alexander L 04/22/2016

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