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Advanced Greywater Design

by Laura Allen • Last updated 04/2022


Course description

For many, water scarcity is a fact of life. In fact, 51% of the United States was in drought as of March 2022, according to the National Integrated Drought Information System. The Southwest is facing a particularly severe drought which began in 2000 and has continued ever since. A recent study noted that the megadrought in the western United States is the driest 20 year period in at least the last 1,200 years.

Greywater reuse is an increasingly popular way to keep landscapes green and productive in the face of droughts and water scarcity. Greywater saves water, conserves resources, and also offers credits for home efficiency scores, such as LEED points.

In this Advanced Greywater Design course, learn from experienced educator, Laura Allen, as she teaches how you can tap into greywater for your home or how to offer this service to your clients. Students will learn about how popular greywater systems work, how to build code-compliant greywater systems, calculations to properly design greywater systems, soil testing, health and safety considerations, and much more.

Graduates of this course will be equipped with the knowledge to build greywater systems for themselves and their clients. Laura will be available via the discussion board to answer questions that arise while putting the content into practice.

Advanced Greywater Design will be released in August 2022. 50% discounts will be provided for students that enroll prior to June 30th. Simply us the discount code "greywatersupporter" to receive this early bird discount.

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Learning Objectives

Participants in this course will upon completion of this course, be able to:

  • • Learn about popular greywater systems, how they work, their costs, and capabilities
  • • Learn about greywater codes in the west and how to create code compliant systems
  • • Learn how to complete calculations to design greywater systems, including estimating greywater production, plant water requirements, and sizing infiltration basins
  • • Learn what soil testing is required to design a greywater irrigation system
  • • Learn health and safety considerations and how to protect public health while reusing greywater
  • • Learn how greywater can work with other onsite water systems to conserve water and create healthy, resilient landscapes

Full course outline

Welcome - Orientation Materials

This course is self-paced, so you don’t need to be logged in at any specific time. You can get started immediately after you enroll and the course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months (1 year) after enrollment.

  • Set up email notifications and your student profile
  • Introduce yourself on the discussion board
Module 1 - Introduction to Greywater Design

We'll start out with different ways to reuse greywater and an overview of how common greywater systems work.

Module 2 - Site Assessment for Greywater Systems

We'll cover how to assess a site for a potential greywater system. Topics include slope, setbacks (per the state code), soil type, existing plumbing, and suitable plants to irrigate.

Module 3 - Indepth Review of Successful Greywater Systems Including Case Studies

We'll go into detail about successful greywater systems. You'll see various case studies from residential to commercial projects.

Module 4 - Calculations for Greywater Design and Permits

We'll go over the calculation you'll need to complete to both design and permit a greywater system.

Module 5 - Design and Permit a Greywater System

We'll focus on system design and you'll learn how to apply for a greywater permit. Note: Not all states allow greywater reuse. We'll look at a handful of western states that do allow it, and use those state's codes as examples for permitted systems.

Module 6 - Greywater System Construction

We'll cover skills needed to install various types of greywater systems and also how to find specialized parts.

Conclusion - Feedback and Additional Resources

This is our last module but you still have access to the all of course materials for 12 months (1 year), so keep working and you'll be able to complete the course at your own pace. After your year of access expires you can optionally extend access with a HeatSpring Membership. Enjoy the course and keep in touch!

  • 1 Year of Access to Course Materials
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey
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  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate


Laura Allen

Greywater Action

Laura Allen is the co-founder of Greywater Action and has spent the past 20 years exploring home-scale ecological water solutions. She authored The Water-Wise Home: How to Conserve and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape, and Greywater, Green Landscape. She has a BA in environmental science, a teaching credential, and a master’s degree in education. Laura works on... Learn more


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Frequently asked questions

How does this course work?

This 0 module course is delivered entirely online. This course is self-paced and you can set your own schedule to complete the materials. During your year of access the instructor will be in the course answering questions on the discussion board. After successfully completing the course, you will be able to generate a certificate of completion.

How long do I have access to the materials?

Students can pre-order but will not be able to access the full course materials or earn a certificate of completion until the course is fully published. Once the course is published any students who have pre-ordered will then have access to the course materials for one year (365 days). After the one year of access expires, access can be extended by joining as a HeatSpring member. A single membership extends access to course materials for all past enrollments.

Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes, when you complete this course you are eligible for a certificate of completion from HeatSpring. You can download your certificate as soon as you have completed all of the course requirements. Students can easily share their verified certificates on their LinkedIn profiles using our LinkedIn integration.

Can I register multiple people?

Yes please visit our HeatSpring for Groups page to get a group discount.

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