A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment


Learn to recognize and understand basic utility distribution equipment and how it works

Instructor: Tim Taylor

Subjects: Utilities: Electrical Distribution

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Tim Taylor is your tour guide in this free course is offered in partnership with DISTRIBUTECH and POWERGRID International.

Here's what you'll learn to recognize and understand:
1. Introduction to Electric Utility Distribution Systems
2. The Distribution Substation
3. The Distribution Feeder
4. Lines and Cables
5. Voltage Control Equipment
6. Overcurrent Protection Equipment
7. Distribution Transformer Equipment

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Tim Taylor


Mr. Taylor has over 30 years of experience in electric distribution planning, design, operations, and asset management. He also has experience in business development and technical sales support in ADMS, asset management systems, and overcurrent protection products. Mr. Taylor has led and participated in many projects with North American utilities, with limited...[more]

Course Outline

Lecture: A Virtual Tour of Electrical Distribution Equipment

In this free lecture you'll learn to recognize and understand the foundational equipment used for electrical distribution. You can begin asking questions immediately after you enroll in the course. The lecture and Q&A will become available on the first day of the course.

  • Welcome & Introductions (Text)
  • Distribution Feeder "Map" (Download .pdf)
  • Virtual Tour of Utility Distribution Equipment - Part 1 (Video - 30:59 minutes)
  • Virtual Tour of Utility Distribution Equipment - Part 2 (Video - 23:29 minutes)
  • Watch: Typical Distribution Line Faults (Resource)
  • Watch: Replacing a Pad-Mounted Residential Transformer (YouTube) (Resource)
  • Watch: Changing a Power Line Fuse (YouTube) (Resource)
  • Slides Used in Virtual Tour of Distribution Equipment Part 1 & 2 Video (Download .pdf)
  • Safety Tips - Downed Power Lines (Resource)

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