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by Denise Murillo 11/16/2022

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the renewable energy industry. The course provides an overall understanding of our existing US utility grid.

by eric mallinson 05/23/2021


by Kelly L 03/15/2021

by David Placek 03/02/2021

A very well done introduction to utility distribution equipment. I am encouraged to take additional Heatspring courses.

by Jekabs Hayes, Solar Design Engineer, Pure Power Engineering 12/28/2020

Detailed overview level explanations of electrical distribution structure and typical equipment, appropriate for viewers with some previous knowledge. Good pace of presenting the materials, as well as good images and supporting material.

by Jeff Duke, Retired, None 12/12/2020

I enjoyed the presentation very much it was clear and concise, and the information was excellent.

by John Sasso 10/02/2020

My only comment is that the "overhead lateral" did not appear to be discussed although it was shown in a number of slides.

by Olja Ivanovic 07/31/2020

Great course.

by Tim Ohno, advisor, Colorado School of Mines 07/23/2020

This is a quick and easy course that provides a lot of useful visual information. Good stepping stone to understand the current grid.



by Dr.P.Selvaraj - 06/18/2020


by Ramya Devasahayam, Assistant professor, Sathyabama Institute fo science and technology 06/10/2020

enjoyed this course

by Jack Ailey, Co-president, Ailey Solar Electric 05/16/2020

I found this material very interesting.

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 05/15/2020


by Howard Aschoff 05/11/2020

This is a must see course for PV install professionals scaling up in size

by Richu K 10/25/2022

by Stefannie T 07/15/2022

by Phillip V 07/04/2022

by Hans A 05/19/2022

by Lexi S 04/06/2022

by Cheryl W 10/20/2021

by Jodie W 04/14/2021

by Niharika P 03/24/2021

by Shankar R 03/23/2021

by qais o 03/22/2021

by Jerry M 03/04/2021

by Mark R 02/25/2021

by Francheli G 02/25/2021

by Manuel M 02/24/2021

by David M 02/02/2021

by Scot S 12/09/2020

by Richard T 12/04/2020

by george w 11/19/2020

by Michael E 11/12/2020

by Jacob K 11/05/2020

by Gina Marie C 11/01/2020

by Rob W 10/29/2020

by Amrith S 10/22/2020

by Drew Thomas C 10/13/2020

by Elvis P 09/17/2020

by Fred N 09/15/2020

by Varun B 08/07/2020

by Obiri E 07/31/2020

by Sylvielly S 07/19/2020

by Rodel T 07/11/2020

by Santosh Kumar S 07/08/2020

by Sean F 07/06/2020

by Daniel L 07/02/2020

by Jose N 06/29/2020

by Amir Y 06/28/2020