21st Century Solar Technologies - Self Study


Author: Anco Blazev

Subjects: Solar: Marketing and Sales

Length: 1 module

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In this course we review all new and developing solar energy (thermal and PV) technologies to date. We analyze the potential of each technology from technical and marketing point of view, and discuss the related logistics, political, regulatory, legal, safety, insurance, financial, and investment issues and factors affecting their implementation in the world’s energy markets.

The goals are to:
- Review the new and developing solar technologies
- Prioritize the different technologies in terms of feasibility for future use
- Analyze the key issues and factors affecting each solar technology,
- Review 21st century solar power plants' life cycle and related issues,
- Estimate the marketing potential of each new technology

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Anco Blazev

CTO, SolarTech of Arizona

Mr. Anco Blazev is a Chem. E. with 35+ years of hands-on experience in the U.S. solar and semiconductor industries. Starting as a Process Engineer in a solar cells and PV modules manufacturing plant in Santa Barbara, CA, he has worked at several small and large solar energy and semiconductor components manufacturing companies in the capacity of: Process Engineer, Field...[more]

Course Outline

21st Century Solar Technologies

  • Introduction (Video - 05:59 minutes)
  • PDF version of all video presentations (Download .pdf)
  • Solar Technology Types (Video - 13:33 minutes)
  • PV Technologies (Video - 18:37 minutes)
  • Today's PV Technologies (Video - 11:00 minutes)
  • Emerging PV Technologies (Part 1 of 2) (Video - 15:25 minutes)
  • Emerging PV Technologies (Part 2 of 2) (Video - 13:39 minutes)
  • 21st Century Materials (Video - 18:37 minutes)
  • Alternative Energy Technologies (Video - 10:55 minutes)
  • PV Power Fields (Video - 17:49 minutes)
  • Large PV Power Plants and Issues (Video - 18:06 minutes)
  • PV Components and Systems Reliability (Video - 07:33 minutes)
  • Key Finance, Political, and Environmental factors (Video - 19:38 minutes)
  • Optional Textbook: Solar Technologies for the 21st Century (Resource)