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Anco Blazev - CTO, SolarTech of Arizona

Mr. Anco Blazev is a Chem. E. with 35+ years of hands-on experience in the U.S. solar and semiconductor industries. Starting as a Process Engineer in a solar cells and PV modules manufacturing plant in Santa Barbara, CA, he has worked at several small and large solar energy and semiconductor components manufacturing companies in the capacity of: Process Engineer, Field Service Engineer, QC/QA Engineer, Sr. R&D Engineer, Engineering Manager, Director of Technology, and CTO. He has also participated in a number of small and large solar projects, in the areas of; Si and thin film solar cells, modules and trackers R&D and production, PV cells and modules test procedures, residential and utility type power plants design, installation, and O&M -- using CSP, PV and CPV equipment. Personnel and customers technical and safety training in solar energy and semiconductor processes devices manufacturing operations, installations, and O&M has always been an important part of his daily responsibilities as well. Mr. Blazev has published several books on energy subjects, as follow: Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities Power Generation, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2011; - Solar Energy for the 21st Century, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2012; - Power Generation and the Environment, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2013; - Energy Security for the 21st Century, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2015; - Global Energy Markets Trends, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2016, - China’s Energy (R)evolution (Technologies_Environment_People_Solutions), to be published 2017. Presently, Mr. Blazev is a President and CTO of a solar company in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to the design, optimization, and technology transfer of HCPV x-y tracking systems. He is also consultant to several EU and U.S. companies.

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