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Anco Blazev - CTO, SolarTech of Arizona

Mr. Anco Blazev is a Chem. E. with 35+ years of hands-on experience in the U.S. solar and semiconductor industries. Starting as a Process Engineer in a solar cells and PV modules manufacturing plant in Santa Barbara, CA, he has worked at several small and large solar energy and semiconductor components manufacturing companies in the capacity of: Process Engineer, Field Service Engineer, QC/QA Engineer, Sr. R&D Engineer, Engineering Manager, Director of Technology, and CTO.

He has also participated in a number of small and large solar projects, in the areas of; Si and thin film solar cells, modules and trackers R&D and production, PV cells and modules test procedures, residential and utility type power plants design, installation, and O&M -- using CSP, PV and CPV equipment.

Personnel and customers technical and safety training in solar energy and semiconductor processes devices manufacturing operations, installations, and O&M has always been an important part of his daily responsibilities as well.

Mr. Blazev has published several books on energy subjects, as follow:
Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities Power Generation, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2011;
- Solar Energy for the 21st Century, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2012;
- Power Generation and the Environment, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2013;
- Energy Security for the 21st Century, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2015;
- Global Energy Markets Trends, Fairmont Press / CRC, 2016,
- China’s Energy (R)evolution (Technologies_Environment_People_Solutions), to be published 2017.

Presently, Mr. Blazev is a President and CTO of a solar company in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to the design, optimization, and technology transfer of HCPV x-y tracking systems. He is also consultant to several EU and U.S. companies.

Anco Blazev teaches:

21st Century Solar Technologies

In this course we review all new and developing solar energy (thermal and PV) technologies to date. We analyze the potential of each technology from technical and marketing point of view.