Wind-Electric System Anatomy


Length: 1 module

Instructor: Ian Woofenden

Subjects: Other Technology: Small Wind


Are you considering installing or commissioning a wind-electric system? Learn the basics of residential small wind-electric system components and configurations.

Join wind expert Ian Woofenden for an introductory overview of the basic wind-electric components and their functions, and information to guide your thinking as you consider residential wind.

What will be covered?
• Wind Turbines: the pros and cons of different designs
• Towers: basics choices and rationale
• Transmission: wire choices
• Balance of Systems: charge controllers, inverters, etc.
• Storage: do you need it?
• Energy Use: your electrical “load”
• On-grid & off-grid systems
• AC & DC systems
• Size & Impact of Systems

Enroll and access Ian's lecture, a video tour of a functioning, residential wind-electric system, and articles on wind generator anatomy, towers and tower tools.

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Ian Woofenden

Ian Woofenden has been using wind electricity for more than 30 years. He is the author of Wind Power for Dummies and many articles on wind power in Home Power Magazine, where he works as a senior editor. He has been a writer, teacher, consultant, and tower jockey in the wind industry and loves to share his knowledge and experience, with an off-grid end-user’s...[more]

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Course Outline

Wind-Electric System Anatomy

After The Course - Feedback and Additional Resources

In this module, you'll provide feedback on this lecture, request a certificate of completion, and learn about additional resources.

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