What is an Energy Model? - Self Study


Author: Chris Schaffner

Subjects: Green Building: Sustainable Building, Green Building: LEED

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"What is an Energy Model?"

In this free course, Chris Schaffner describes a variety of methods for modeling building energy consumption. He starts with simple energy estimating tools of increasing complexity, finally arriving at detailed energy simulations.

A few simple methods are described, and spreadsheets (listed below) built to use these methods are provided. The specific requirements of energy simulations are discussed, and the course concludes with a case study demonstrating the power of parametric energy simulations as a design tool.

Two excel documents included:
- Simplified Heat Recovery Calculator
- Simplified Ground Source Heat Pump Calculator

Learning Objectives

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Chris Schaffner

Principal and Founder, The Green Engineer, Inc.

The Green Engineer founder, Chris Schaffner, P.E., LEED Fellow, is a professional mechanical engineer registered in Massachusetts, California, and Vermont. Chris has been a member of the USGBC faculty since 2001, training more than 9,200 building industry professionals in the LEED rating system. He is a member of the USGBC's Curriculum Committee, and is on the Energy...[more]

Course Outline

Watch the "What is an Energy Model?" Lecture

  • Lecture (Video - 37:11 minutes)
  • Simplified Ground Source Heat Pump calculator (Download .xls)
  • Simplified Heat Recovery Calculator (Download .xls)

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