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by Mohamed S 09/24/2023

by Samuel H 09/15/2023

by Patrick S 08/31/2023

by Hailey S 08/24/2023

by Bethel G 08/21/2023

by Maya O 08/02/2023

by Stephanie Davis 08/01/2023

As a new analyst in the solar field, this course helped to provide me with the basics plus a deeper understanding of the processes and functions of solar. I would recommend it to anyone who has limited knowledge of the field!

by Raunak K 07/27/2023

by Kelsey N 07/25/2023

by Bobbi W 07/24/2023

by Sarah M 07/13/2023

by Jason M 07/11/2023

by Alex R 07/10/2023

by Jordan D 07/08/2023

by Tulio V 07/08/2023

by Mann S 07/05/2023

by HuiChien T 06/26/2023

by Michael K 06/18/2023

by Carlos Guillermo P 06/13/2023

by Ian S 06/02/2023

by Edward Maunder 04/30/2023

As somebody with no experience in the solar industry I found this course very easy to understand and learn from, it offered fantastic breakdowns of every step on solar construction while providing strong technical details that were easy to understand.

by Will T 04/24/2023

by Steven C 04/20/2023

by Kristin M 04/19/2023

by Drew C 04/18/2023

by Tyler N 04/14/2023

by Stephen L 04/11/2023

by Sheldon J 04/07/2023

by Hana C 04/05/2023

by Ryan F 04/05/2023

by Harold H 03/24/2023

by Garrison D 03/22/2023

by Daniel M 03/07/2023

by Caroline G 03/01/2023

by Colin G 02/22/2023

by Benjamin P 02/14/2023

by Peter L 02/10/2023

by Luke L 02/09/2023

by Carlos M 01/04/2023

by Dale C 11/17/2022

by Charles C 08/30/2022

by Leslie Derramona 08/10/2022

After taking this course I realized the potential the solar industry had and have an increased desire to learn more. This course was well put together and is a great way to get knowledge in the solar industry.

by Geena P 07/11/2022

by John S 06/29/2022

by Namiq A 06/22/2022

by Maya C 06/16/2022

by Jayne G 06/14/2022

by Devante C 05/19/2022

by Johnny Nguyen 04/27/2022

I enjoyed the content of this course and found it effective enough for my professional development... but the authors' reading of the content on the slides made the narration seemingly worthless. If I knew that 99% of the course would be read from the slides, I would have just downloaded the slides and read them. The inconsistency with the last 1% of arbitrarily important information that was not written (arbitrarily by way of the quizzes) was incredibly frustrating.

by Paul C 03/18/2022

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