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For me this was a fresh, new perspective on solar sales. The psychology of solar sales laid out the principles and overall strategy to follow in order to better understand the mechanics of selling solar. I really enjoyed Taylor's insights and framework to build the sales momentum and understand this process as the "Hero's Journey" in which I am the guide. I found the material to be interesting, helpful and many times eye opening to the realities of what to do, and when to do. The exercises I needed to submit were fun activities that kept me accountable but most importantly allowed me to explore and further examine the various principles laid out in the course.

Rob Ellis
Evan B
Corey R

Your course has been invaluable in both the Psychological side and an amazing technical resource. Personally, I have learned so much from the early Psychology lessons that I have integrated them into my own business and personal interactions with people and seen fruit on it. What a powerful set of tools for better understanding peoples needs and communicating with them in a way that builds relationships more effectively. The greatest value was the psychology aspect of the course. It was full of technical information, but more than that, it emphasized how to communicate it well to clients. Everything from the psychology principles, to how to frame technical information, and understanding the clients needs and desires is really unique to this course. Most training focuses on the equipment, but not the person investing in it. I really believe this approach is extremely effective in not just getting the sale, but helping your client feel proud to be a part of the sale as well. I love that the focus was not using the principles to manipulate and trick people, but rather to help them better understand and be equipped with knowledge and pride in their system. Seriously, it is phenomenal.

Joshua Benitone

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