The Marriage Between Site & Building - The Art of Placemaking - Self Study


Author: David Bainbridge

Subjects: Green Building: Sustainable Building

Length: 1 module

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Finding a suitable place for a building and fitting the building to the site is critical. What environmental hazards should be considered? How close is your site to necessary resources? How will your site be monitored? What is the surrounding community like?

In this free 30-minute lecture, David Bainbridge answers all of these questions and many more, and describes the art of placemaking with a unique perspective about proper site selection.

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David Bainbridge

I grew up in the West in a small town working in the family toy factory and enjoying the rivers, mountains and sage covered hills. After earning my BA in Earth Sciences at UC San Diego in 1970, I headed to UC Davis to complete an MS in Ecology in the multidisciplinary Eco-Grad Program. I started a company doing environmental impact analysis, then transitioned to a...[more]

Course Outline

Lecture: The Marriage Between Site & Building

In this module you'll find the video and a PDF copy of the presentation slides, so you can take notes if you like.

  • The Marriage Between Site & Building - The Art of Placemaking (33:34) (Video)
  • PDF copy of the presentation slides (Download .pdf)

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