Solar Performance Modeling like a Pro


Instructor: Canute Haroldson

Subjects: Solar: Design and Installation

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Designed by the makers of HelioScope, this course will introduce students to some of the most common questions and issues of solar performance modeling. With this knowledge, good design choices can be simplified and included to improve any pitch.

In this course you will gain basic working knowledge to deal with:
- Choosing appropriate weather files for simulated production
- Understanding the value of TMY files
- Creating Pxx Production Estimates
- Selecting PAN files for module simulation
- Evaluating Loss at Irradiance
- Considering temperature losses in your designs
- Considering mismatch losses in your designs
- Considering over/undervoltage losses in your designs
- Evaluating Performance Ratios and kWh/kWp
- Understanding the meaning of module efficiency

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Canute Haroldson

Program Manager, Folsom Labs

Canute is a Mechanical Engineer by trade with a lifelong passion for sustainable energy solutions. With experience in policy creation, commercial PV design, and data analysis, he currently works for Folsom Labs helping develop their solar design software, HelioScope.

Course Outline

Solar Performance Modeling 101 with HelioScope

  • Solar Performance Modeling 101 with HelioScope - Introduction (Video - 01:38 minutes)
  • Course Slides (Download .pptx)
  • Choosing a Weather File (Video - 05:25 minutes)
  • Choosing a Weather File - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Understanding TMY Files (Video - 03:32 minutes)
  • Understanding TMY Files - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Pxx Production Estimates (Video - 05:18 minutes)
  • Pxx Production Estimates - Quiz (Quiz)
  • PAN Files (Video - 03:29 minutes)
  • PAN Files - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Loss at Irradiance (Video - 02:38 minutes)
  • Loss at Irradiance - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Temperature Losses (Video - 04:41 minutes)
  • Temperature Losses - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Mismatch Losses (Video - 03:12 minutes)
  • Mismatch Losses - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Losses (Video - 05:50 minutes)
  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Losses - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Performance Ratio and kWh/kWp (Video - 03:59 minutes)
  • Performance Ratio and kWh/kWp - Quiz (Quiz)
  • Efficiency (Video - 03:24 minutes)
  • Efficiency - Quiz (Quiz)

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