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by Ted Monhollon 01/20/2023


by Ivan Prybylo 01/02/2023

Great presentation that focuses mostly on the financing issues required for microgrid projects. I would love to see another presentation from Mr. Burr that outlines the key design differences between microgrid and typical utility/community solar projects, as well as microgrid operation while islanding.

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/02/2022


by Doug Palmbach 08/26/2022

I am not familiar with micro grids, didn’t really understand what they were about, was interesting, and likened the economical aspect of the course as well as learning that micro grids are sturdy, makes me curious if we have any in my are.

by VISHAL VAISHNAV 01/17/2021


by Eric Rojas-Howell 11/11/2020

The course is intended for key drivers & stakeholders for a microgrid project, talk about physical and regulatory barriers, boundaries, restrictions, etc. that could lead to investments decisions based on the real site, country and its business benefit enviroment

by Ibrahim mostafa abo alkheir Alhosari 10/01/2020


by Kerstin Armamento, VA 08/24/2020

its better to take this course step by step it would really helps you a lot

by Ravindra Meena 05/14/2020


by PUSHPAVALLI M 05/03/2020


by Mohaneshwari Velselvam 04/27/2020


by Mukesh Kumar 04/26/2020

good for all students for electrical branch and other

by Mostafa Rezaeimozafar, Mr. 04/25/2020

It is a standard course which provides you with essential information needed to understand the concept of microgrid.

by Amudha A 04/19/2020

It enhanced our knowledge on Microgrid


Great introduction on Micro-grid

by Kalidass D 04/13/2020

Really i enjoyed this course Its contains useful information videos and easy understanding concepts

by Okpanachi Emmanuel 04/10/2020

The course is a great foundation for every solar energy installer that must do well in the job

by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to learn

by rathnavel A 04/10/2020


by Herbert Lubis 04/10/2020

very helpful for remote areas in the remote islands

by ARAVIND T 04/10/2020


by Venkateshkumar M 04/09/2020


by Saravanan S 04/09/2020

This course is very much helpful for my development

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/04/2020

It was an opportunity, l would recommend this course to prospective installers, was an eye opener.

by Chaouki Ghenai, Associate Professor , UOS 03/31/2020

This is a good short introduction about the resilient community microgrids

by Paul Kanja 03/30/2020

The course is great for those willing to invest in developing microgrids helping them understand where to begin.

by Trevor W 03/05/2020

by Ricarte Nunez 02/27/2020

This course is a useful tool especially for one who is new to the field as it starts with the definition of microgrid, and the components in it. The presentation on modern, resilient infrastructure supporting public safety, convenience and economic growth was very essential as to where the system should go. I also like the presentation on what drives the market as well as the benefits to the communities. It was also pointed out in the presentation that the critical resilience priorities should be addressed in order to attain an integrated, cost-effective energy development as well as the mention on the trends in the microgrid market. The familiarization with key regulatory concerns, factors such as business and financing, were salient features of the course which students should appreciate in their viewing of the presentation. I recommend this course to those who are very interested in microgrid systems.

by Abdelkader Omar 02/23/2020

it is a good course for who want to start to learn more about MicroGrid and its aspects .

by Brent Rowan 01/06/2020

Heat-spring is exceptional. This knowledge base content, collectively put together through industry experts, explains in topics of interest that are modern and reliable resources.

by Joel Nzima 12/17/2019

well and informative

by Abongha Chiabi 11/04/2019

The course has given me great insight into how to develop and manage a resilient community microgrid project

by Raul Sosa, Solar Energy Consultant, MaxEnergyi4 01/26/2018

It is a great introduction to the microgrid business concept

by Suruchi Sinha, Student 07/14/2017

The course is very short yet covers a lot of topics.

by Eric Stikes, President, Good Sun Solar 02/20/2017

If you are considering becoming involved in a microgrid project, this is a great place to start your research.

by Jack M 06/01/2023

by Gustavus L 03/15/2023

by Markus V 02/27/2023

by Sujatha M 02/17/2023

by Elie S 02/10/2023

by arthur m 02/10/2023

by Darrell T 02/04/2023

by Ahamed F 01/24/2023

by Brenda H 01/23/2023

by Orville J 01/20/2023

by Theodore M 01/19/2023

by Nik W 01/19/2023

by Rafael P 01/15/2023

by Graham A 11/16/2022

by Raquel C 11/11/2022

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