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by Wesley C 12/01/2023

by Tyree P 11/27/2023

by Joe Bennett 11/21/2023

Thanks for the information and training

by Wenjin L 11/19/2023

by Joshua W 11/18/2023

by Sneha s 11/15/2023

by Dane G 11/14/2023

by Kelsey L 11/07/2023

by Charlie F 11/02/2023

by Gabriel A 10/31/2023

by Emily C 10/31/2023

by Christopher H 10/30/2023

by Montana B 10/30/2023

by Fernando P 10/28/2023

by Matt H 10/18/2023

by will K 10/12/2023

by Steven J N 10/11/2023

by David F 10/07/2023

by Rich M 10/06/2023

by Scott K 10/06/2023

by Baoli W 10/06/2023

by Noah Cardeira 09/27/2023

This course is very informative even for folks that have been in the industry for a long time. I particularly enjoy the informational bonus material and the little details that you won't get elsewhere


You can never assume you know this stuff. Remembering what I once knew and seeing it in the totally of the NEC, IRC, IFC and all the rest. The course was a reminder to stay humble and interested in what is, what isn't and what will be in the solar and storage industry. Happy to see movement away form MLEs!

by Jeffery S 09/23/2023

by Ayden Y 09/19/2023

by Anis I 09/11/2023

by Thomas W 09/09/2023

by Jason Bone, PV Instructor, Halifax Community College 09/08/2023

Great class for those moving into residential O&M.

by Matt M 09/05/2023

by Allen F 09/03/2023

by Jared T 09/01/2023

by Behrouz S 08/31/2023

by Dan G 08/28/2023

by Andy S 08/23/2023

by Robert Reynolds 08/21/2023

Found the course helpful and feel much better prepared to sit for the NABCEP certification exam.

by Jesus M 08/15/2023

by Matthew M 08/07/2023

by Jason E 08/01/2023

by Eric R 07/29/2023

by Todd S 07/28/2023

by RJ C 07/26/2023

by Kyle H 07/13/2023

by TJ K 07/05/2023

by Mark H 07/04/2023

by RICHARD T 07/02/2023

by OMAR R 06/30/2023

by Nolan B 06/19/2023

by Greg W 06/17/2023

by Robin K 06/15/2023

by Ekofo 06/07/2023

This course was able to provide me with a lot informations that boosted my confidence and I highly recommend it For those who want to get to next level this is obligatory passage .

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