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by Peter Hubbard, Founder, Georgia Center for Energy Solutions 02/26/2023

Designing a residential solar + storage system is a fundamental tool in decarbonization and a skill everyone should have.

by Austin J 06/19/2022

by Samuel D 04/06/2022

by Josh C 02/09/2022

by Tejas V 12/30/2021

by Del P 10/26/2021

by TJ K 08/30/2021

by Kwadwo N 06/21/2021

by ryan s 06/03/2021

by Matthew C 03/16/2021

by Xiang K 02/25/2021

by Landon Cason, President / Owner, Green Wave Solar 02/18/2021

I would highly recommend this course. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to battery storage. I wish there were more of a focus on Lithium Ion Batteries, but the knowledge provided in this course is timeless.

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