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by Fariborz Mahjouri 09/02/2022

The course covers in a simple way the development of a commercial project and suggests effective communication with the property owner.

by Jackson Drury, O&M Analyst, Standard Solar 08/30/2022

Very informative and helpful for those of us who want to transition to utility scale solar.

by Michael Liwanag, Sunertech, Project Manager 08/21/2022

I shared the course with my engineers and colleagues to take the course for a better understanding of how C&I initiates.

by AbdulWahid A 02/11/2023

by Detlev H 10/22/2022

by Lance L 07/18/2022

by Darren Bishop 11/14/2023

If you are looking to get into solar sales, this is a good starting point...

by Nikiya T 09/29/2023

by Ahmed Mamdouh 09/25/2023


by Greg S 07/23/2023

by Markus Class 07/15/2023

Thank you very much

by Jimmy Rich 06/06/2023

awesome course, gives u the fundamentals and the information is delivered in an 'easy to digest' way. I wish I found Heat Spring before this spring



by amjed kazeem 05/22/2023

please do not take mony for free courses

by roya manavi namghi 05/16/2023


by Hayyan Ghazzoul 05/05/2023

thanks for you

by Rashaad El 05/02/2023

This course was very informative and I would recommend it's content to other students who are selling commercial solar

by Mary Ellen Barker 04/30/2023

This course provided an excellent overview of what to consider for a commercial rooftop solar project. A student should walk away, realizing more clearly how the ROI is determined and what tools are available for making these determinations. In addition, he offered a lot of insight from his past projects, which was very insightful. I recommend the course to learn what you should consider before approaching a client for a rooftop project.

by Norbert Sospataki 02/06/2023

Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in commercia installation.

by Hussam Fahmi Abdo Mohammed Al-azazi 01/18/2023

Good luck

by Tanner Jobgen, GenPro Energy 12/22/2022

Great work Tim!

by Youcef Mortadji 12/17/2022

Very nice

by Olawoyin Quwamdeen 12/17/2022

I really want to recommend this course for any integrator willing to take on commercial and industrial pv system

by Neal Martin, Solar Project Developer, Elcco Electric 11/12/2022

Timothy Montague is very clear and concise. This course is a great one to have an reference back to. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the solar industry. This is specific to Commercial Sales, but it’s a good base for anyone in the industry.

by Dilli Neupane, Astrum Renewables 11/11/2022


by Melissa Ibarra, 10/15/2022

Great course for anyone new to the industry

by Denise Murillo 10/10/2022

All who are interested in Sales or P&D on Commercial Sola Projects should tske this introduction course first.

by Muhammad Naeem Akhtar 08/25/2022

Motivational while starting PV solar career

by Adam Plumley 08/24/2022

Fantastic free course to immediately get caught up on the solar design business.

by Nicolas Suryadi Tjahjono, Architect, - 08/06/2022

Very informative for someone who wants to gain basic knowledge in solar power-related matters.

by mohamed omar 07/27/2022

It really is a great role

by Adam W 12/05/2023

by Daniel C 12/01/2023

by Charles Nunya D 11/29/2023

by Mia T 11/28/2023

by Hasan Naser Mohammed A 11/27/2023

by Marwa A 11/20/2023

by Jason W 11/15/2023

by Cheyenne L 10/27/2023

by Anton M 10/27/2023

by Tom R 10/23/2023

by Tom M 10/23/2023

by Amanda M 10/23/2023

by Adam C 10/23/2023

by Joe J 10/19/2023

by Tom W 10/18/2023

by Adwoa Agyeiwaa A 10/16/2023

by Jack H 10/15/2023

by Pablo B 10/10/2023

by Mayur K 10/05/2023

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