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by Fernando P 05/28/2023

by Rosemond Paul 01/23/2023

This course is so great! Come and learn

by Ernest C 07/21/2022

by mohammed ahmed m 12/26/2021

by Malek A 08/24/2020

by Shital S 05/20/2020

by Nath G 05/05/2020

by Mayakkannan K 04/27/2020

by SENTHILKUMAR S 04/27/2020

by Dr Sumathi Premkumar 04/26/2020

Knowledge sharing course

by Dr Premkumar Krishnamoorthi 04/26/2020

Wonderful learning opportunity created by HeatSring to the student community

by Dr.P. Ganapathi 04/26/2020


by SHEWALE BHAGAWAT K 04/25/2020

by Viraj K 04/21/2020

by Sachin K 04/20/2020

by Tarryn S 04/03/2020

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 03/31/2020

As a marketing and sales person,did gain a lot of insight, and update on the various tools for marketing campaigns.

by Ndileka P 03/29/2020

by DEEPANKUL R 03/29/2020

by Tyler C 03/04/2020

by Sandeep Sharma 01/17/2020

Very good course and insights

by Candrix Ntobolo 10/28/2019

Challenging and helpful

by Kari V 05/03/2019

by Ben T 03/28/2019

by hosam a 03/09/2019

by James S 12/12/2018

by Peter B 11/28/2018

by Sarah M 06/14/2018

by M L 06/12/2018

by Bhupendra ramtekekar 04/23/2018

Course is a great way to get information about solar by which the student can proceed in his career and also do his own business.

by Matt F 12/20/2017

by Greg O 07/13/2017

by Mark L 06/26/2017

by Darlington Ubek 04/18/2017

Insightful and helped me understand the dynamics of a successful solar energy marketing campaign to specific target groups based on the persona of the group

by MADHUMITHA T 03/12/2017

by Eddie R 01/31/2017

by Alyssia Osorio 01/18/2017


by sheron j 01/15/2017

by Engineer Muhammad Amjad Khan 01/08/2017


by Melissa D 12/27/2016

by Jeffrey Delgado 12/19/2016

Everyone is encouraged to take this course.

by Les P 12/08/2016

by ANKIT B 11/23/2016

by Colleen Clark 10/22/2016

great to be able to further your learning online

by Gina B 10/13/2016

by Jim J 10/11/2016

by Bradley S 09/29/2016

by JC Uttaro, Executive VP sales & Mrkting, Bay State Solar 09/18/2016


by Alok Majumder 09/10/2016

not discuss about visual media campaign.

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