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by Matthew Stanfield, Principal Architect / Owner, FiELD9: architecture 07/04/2019

Passive House in the Real World is an excellent way to submerse yourself in the world of Passive House. The content is clearly presented and easy to understand. It has been immensely helpful in deepening my understanding of not only the theory of Passive House, but how it plays out in actual projects.

by Kim Erslev, Architect, Landscape Architect, Salmon Falls Ecological Design 02/20/2017

This course was well-taught and the information was accessible to students from different backgrounds with more or less technical expertise. I highly recommend it!

by nikoleta petrova, CAD Design 02/16/2017

This is a great overall review of Passive House concepts, methods and results over the last few years.

by Scott Paulson, Owner, Resource Efficient Solutions, LLC 10/12/2016

Excellent course, with lots of real world problems and solutions that are encountered on high performance building projects.

by Frank Karpowicz AIA + CPHC, President, Frank Karpowicz Architects, Inc. 04/19/2016

Great refresher for a CPHC and important new practical information not taught in the CPHC course.

by Jer Greene 04/13/2016

A helpful way to discover the challenges one faces when attempting a rigorous building standard.

by Spencer Richland, Architectural Designer 04/12/2016

For me the format worked great. I've been studying sustainable design/build principles for a couple years now at Yestermorrow Design/Build school in Vermont and this class helped bring so much of it together for me. The format of covering the information over several weeks (vs mostly weekend workshops I've taken because of my schedule) helped me to process and reinforce the enormous amount of information. The self-paced flexibility and online content is a huge benefit for me (hearing impaired, so classrooms are a challenge). Also, the Zero Net Energy for Homes course I'm taking and the Pro Geek Tour at Martha's Vineyard (ZNE Homes) really dovetailed nicely. I'm looking forward to continuing the learning with ZNE for Homes over the next 6 weeks while I am designing and planning to build my first ZNE/PH inspired home at the same time. Thanks so much!

by Alicia Dolce, Owner, Celebration Green Design & Build 03/07/2016

For the reasons stated in the 'what I liked' section, I thought the course content was excellent and very unique in the world of PH.

by Jonathan Lawrence, President, Hartshorn Builders, LLC 01/12/2016

I really enjoyed Mike's PH in the Real World course because it did just that for me by helping me really understand and appreciate how PH has been implemented on actual projects. Now I feel confident enough to discuss how PH can be used on my next project and actually do it.

by Roger Cooney, VP Sales, Design & Estimating, Wright Builders, Inc. 10/17/2015

I highly recommend the Passive House In The Real World as a solid introduction to this standard!

by Myron Q 03/29/2023

by Christopher H 01/12/2023

by dennis p 12/23/2021

by Frederic W 06/05/2021

by Dwight S 05/16/2021

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by Alice D 10/05/2015

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